The Immortal Tales

The Immortal Tales

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Item Code: IHL412
Author: A.D. Bhattacharya
Publisher: Srikunj Sadbhavana Manch
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 8182650151
Pages: 142
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.4 inch X 5.5 inch

Book Description


It Is Often Quoted that the knowledge bank in the form of scriptures has been kept beyond the reach of the common man due to the language in which the same were written. To make the same available to everybody, we see an age-old practice to present the knowledge in the form of tales — this practice our most revered saints and sages followed successfully in imparting wisdom. This technique seems to have been followed in other religions also. Continuing the same tradition, "The Immortal Tales” is being presented in simple language and style to appeal to the general reading public who may be interested to know what is contained in the treasure house of the Hindu religious and spiritual literature.

Back of the Book

The readers are hereby being presented with a bouquet of forty-eight short stories in the form of the Immortal Tales. Each of the story is unique with an elegance and aroma of its own imparting a divine message to the readers.

In fact distribution of the divine messages through short stories is an age-old practice, since earlier the same had been kept in such a form that only wise and learned could reach the same.

The stories are being told by several people from time to time and it is quite possible that some readers might have heard them in a different form than what is stated here - hope they would enjoy reading them in this form as well.

The writer offers his salutations to all those pious souls who had presented the divine messages to common persons in whatsoever form earlier.

Sri Ramakrishna devotee and IITian Arun Deva Bhattacharya (born 1942 at Allahabad) had a knack for spiritualism and music from an early age which made him run to profoundly wise people frequently. As such spirituality co-existed in this technocrat’s life.

Entry to spiritualism and divinity was easier for him since he had free movement in English, Hindi and Bengali along with working knowledge of Sanskrit. Out of his presentations Bengali translations of Ramacaritamanasa and Bhagavata Purana, and Bhagavater Manimukuta and Bhagavata Ratnavali (in Bengali) are worth mentioning.


Preface v
1 Forgive the Sinner 1
2 Love is Divine 4
3 Renounce All 8
4 Have Firm Faith 11
5 Be Generous 13
6 God’s Grace is Boundless 15
7 God is One 18
8 Guru’s Compassion is Immeasurable 23
9 God Feeds Every Life—form 26
10 Strange are the Ways of God 28
11 Hara Meets Hari in Ayodhya 31
12 Worship the Lord’s Feet 35
13 Lord’s Name is Stronger than Lord 38
14 Bear No Malice 40
15 The Lord Knows No Enmity 44
16 Devotion is More Important than Ritual 46
17 Faith in God Does Wonders 51
18 Universe within God 54
19 Enjoy the Lord's Lila 57
20 The Lord is the Stealer of Hearts 69
21 Devotee’s Concern for Lord’s Comforts 61
22 Be Firm in Your Commitment 66
23 Find Truth in Falsehood 69
24 Cunningness is a Part of Warfare 71
25 Remain Unattached to Surroundings 74
26 Mind Often Makes Fickle Judgments 77
27 Do Not Concentrate on Life Only 79
28 Do Not Follow Customs Blindly 81
29 Bhakti and Gyana Lead to the Same Goal 83
30 True Devotees know No Caste 86
31 Choose a Time to Even Tell a Truth 89
32 Seeing the Lord is the Goal 92
33 Experience Divine Bliss in Raga Vasant 94
34 God Lives in all His Creations 97
35 Malice Only Brings Misery 99
36 Who Has Paid Whose Debt? 102
37 The Human Body is a Mosque 104
38 Work and Earn 107
39 Devotional Music Takes You to the Lord 110
40 Surrender Totally to God 112
41 Divinity Sees no Sin in Man 114
42 Pray for Liberation 117
43 Bitter Medicine Helps 119
44 Patronize the Worthy 121
45 Brahman is Immortal 124
46 Have Firm Faith in God 126
47 Purity Needs no Advertisement 128
48 Truth is Bitter 130

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