The Impersonal Life

The Impersonal Life

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Item Code: UAM885
Author: Joseph S. Benner
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 9789351285229
Pages: 160
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Book Description

The Impersonal Life is one of the key books written on the topic of self discovery and leading a spiritual life. The book is highly recommended for those who are interested in learning how to lead a spiritual life and are in the process of self-discovery. Trust that thought trapped in the mind is not the best way to live day to day, but rather let life flow though in the absence of compulsive thought, when something comes up you will be able to make the correct decision. The book explain what is essential from the Bible, though it is a book of universal spirituality, not religion. You will learn about the true nature of the world and understand what your purpose is. The final chapters are essential for application.

Joseph S. Benner (1872-1938), the American author, Spiritual writer and representative of the Brotherhood of Christ who use the pen name "Anonymous". He was the first to introduce the knowledge and teaching of the impersonal life. Among his noted works were, The Way Out; The Way Beyond; Wealth; Teacher; Brotherhood; The Way to the Kingdom; Christ Message. In the 1890s, while secretary of the local YMCA, Benner was also listed as Gymnasium Director of Bechtel College in Akron and he contributed at least one macabre illustration titled Murder, to The Lotus, an intercollegiate Journal Published in Kannas city.

In order the better to comprehend the deep and vital truths contained in the within Message, you are urged to approach each reading of it with quiet and open mind. Still the intellect and invite your Soul to do the teaching. Read but a sentence at a tie, and do not pass to the next until Something within you responds to the truth therein, and points out clearly the meaning for you.

More than all, try to realize that the "I" speaking throughout the Message is the Spirit within, your own Soul, the Impersonal Self, the Real You; the same Self that in other moments of quiet points out to you your mistakes, your follies, your weaknesses, and is ever chiding and aiding you to live up to Its ideals, which It continually holds before your mental gaze.

It was to such a quiet mind as this that the with in Message came during months filled with an in tapse yearning for the guidance of the Spirit and an opportunity to serve the Loving Father who had been found to be ever-present and always ready to bless those of His children who loved Him enuf to make Him first in their hearts and lives.

The help and guidance thus received is passed on to you, for the wise and loving teaching is unusual and so wholly Impersonal that it will apply equally well to every one who is ready to receive it.

The great blessing of the Message is that, if you are ready, the "I" speaking herein will continue to speak direct to your from out your own heart, after you lay aside the book, and in so intimate and convincing a way that It will make clear all your problems, be to you a fount of Wisdom and Strength, and bring you Peace, Health, Happiness, Freedom, everything your heart de sires.

This little book, therefore, is intended to serve as a channel or open door thru which you may enter into the Joy of your Lord, the Comforter promised by Jesus, the living expression in you of the Christ of God.

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