India and The Eastern Seas

India and The Eastern Seas

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Item Code: UAN359
Author: Alok Tripathi
Publisher: Agam Kala Prakashan, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 8173200750
Pages: 379 (Throughout Color and B/w Illustrations)
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About The Book

This book, containing papers presented in the International Seminar on Marine Archaeology, provides valuable information about maritime activities on the east coast of India and in the Eastern Seas. Papers contributed by eminent scholar contain recent information on archaeological finds on the coasts of Bengal, Orissa, Andhra and Tamil Nadu. It also contains research papers about the recent advances made in other countries of the Eastern Seas. Extensive explorations on the coast) and offshore and onshore excavations at Mahabalipuram in the Bay of Bengal have generated data of scientific and cultural value for the scientific study of shoreline changes and their effect on the coastal monuments. Data and extensive bibliography on Portuguese shipwrecks in Indian waters, French maritime activities in the Bay of Bengal; underwater activities in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Japan; reconstruction of ancient borobudur ship and her voyage, as experimental archaeology and computation of ancient ships makes this volume more useful for all those interested in diverse aspects of underwater archaeology and maritime heritage.
Profusely illustrated with photographs, including underwater and aerial photographs, line drawings and maps this book embodied the latest researches in marine archaeology in India and in the Eastern Seas and will fascinate not only the scholars and serious students but also the common readers.


India has the most prominent position in the Indian Ocean. Vast, water area, in and around the country, include sea at three sides, lakes, reservoirs, perennial rivers, wells and numerous other water bodies. With her over 5000 years old well recorded mari time history, these areas becomes one of the richest repository in underwater cultural herit age. Although so rich in underwater cultural heritage, the underwater archaeology started in India very late. The initial attempts, despite all their short comings, need to be appreciated.
However, since the begining, the Archaeological Survey of India, the premier organisation for the protection of the cultural heritage of the nation, had taken initiatives to promote underwater archaeology in the country, but a new era, marking the systematic underwater archaeology, started with creation of Underwater Archaeology Wing in the Archaeological Survey of India.
It is rightly said that a thousand miles journey begins with a single step. At a dinner, a retired Admiral of Indian Navy met a young archaeologist of the Archaeological Survey of India. Discussions over the dinner generated enough interest and both decided to bring two great institutions, the Indian Navy and the Archaeological Survey of India, together to search, study and preserve the cultural heritage of the nation. Soon the authorities agreed and Indian Navy and the Archaeological Survey of India started.
collaborating in the field of underwater archaeology. As a result, joint fieldworks by ASI and IN started in 2002. Both have carried out the first systematic excavation of an ancient shipwreck, which is also known for being the deepest excavation conducted, in the country, so far. The results of the joint works have been presented on international forums and have been acclaimed by leading experts.

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