India (The Oldest Surviving Civiliaztion)

India (The Oldest Surviving Civiliaztion)

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Item Code: AZG529
Author: Alok Bhattacharya
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9788176467483
Pages: 180 (B/W Illustrations)
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Book Description

About the Book
The Indian Sub-continent is unique in the sense that it was earlier a part of Gondawana land in Southern hemisphere in the remote past when east coast of Africa and west coast of peninsular India were in very close proximity to each other. It is presumed that early humans who originated in Africa, migrated to west coast of peninsular India in those early days. Gondwanaland disintegrated in later years and Indian Sub-continent moved northwards to merge with Asia in the Northern hemisphere. The early inhabitants of peninsular India in due course of time moved to all parts of the Sub-continent and some of them reached the Sindhu river valley to build the great Harappan civilization there. Other immigrants came to the Subcontinent at different points of time through the land routes of North West, to give a continuous presence of people in this land to the present days. Thus this Subcontinent is privileged to be the oldest surviving civilization of the mankind. This book is a very informative book on Indian History for general reading.

About the Author
Author received his Ph.D in Chemistry from Banaras Hindu University and spent a few years in Canada for further research. On return he joined CSIR Lab. As a R & D Scientist and later moved on to Industry and retired as General Manager from a public sector. He has a number of research publications and is author of several advanced research topics. Dr. Bhattacharya is very widefy travelled and has interest in wide ranging social issues, with writing as a hobby. His one book 'Global Warming' has been published by Rupa & Co. while another a novel 'Dreams are worth chasing' has been published by Diamond Books.

As a student of basic sciences, I persued a career in Science and was trained to look for facts before coming to any conculsions, the idea being that facts will speak for themselves. Towards the later half of my career I was transferred from my parent department on a new posting but due to some technical reasons, I was asked to stay back for a fortnight or so. I decided to spend this time in the library doing some general reading of my interest, some catching up so to say.

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