Indian Jewellery (Supplemented with Photographs of Contemporary Jewellery)

Indian Jewellery (Supplemented with Photographs of Contemporary Jewellery)

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Item Code: UAN651
Author: Thomas Holbein Hendley and Waltraud Ganguly
Publisher: B.R. Publishing Corporation
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788176466899
Pages: 189 (B/W and Color Illustrations)
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Book Description

About the Book
The Journal of Indian Art is still one of the most consulted books on Indian jewellery It is an authentic source for scholars and collectors who are engaged with traditional Indian jewellery or ancient techniques

The original of "Indian Jewellery was edited in 1909 by Thomas Holbein Hendley, comprising Nos. 95-107 of The Journal of Indian Art. The picture plates of this book show "native" ornaments of British India, demonstrating the Indian vast variety of Indian jewellery in the eight provinces at the end of the nineteenth century. Examples of the jewellery of past civilisations of Asia and Europe were added for consideration of the history and development of the different styles.

The book's illustrations and descriptions of old Indian royal and peasant ornaments are of unaltered interest now, one hundred years later. During this past period, new developments and designs of jewellery have come up, frequently based on the old traditions. The centenary reprint edition of "Indian Jewellery" was therefore supplemented with photographs of recent Indian jewellery, as an attempt to present "revival" pieces that are still en vogue after one hundred years, as well as to show examples of new developments which were manufactured after the old style, yet with modifications and adaptations, answering to a modernised taste and demand.

About the Author
The introduction with particulars about the history and author of this book was written by Germany-based Waltraud Ganguly, a surgeon like Thomas Holbein Hendley. Her non professional interest are Indian ornaments, particularly the significance of old traditional designs for the evolution of contemporary Indian jewellery. For the reprint of this important old jewellery book from British India she performed a thorough research about the person of Thomas Holbein Hendley and the situation of the industrial arts at his time in Jaipur. She also summarised and explained the relations between the great International Exhibitions of the 19th century and the work of Indian artisans with their promotion through British residents of the time.

The same author has, after a ten-year fieldwork, written a book on traditional Indian ear ornaments with 170 types of specific ear rings from all regions of India.

OME of the reasons which led the polislers to aperta fe sperial numbers of "The Journal of Indian Art and Industry" to Jewellery were gisa in Part 1 (which was issued on July 12th, roo6. In a circular, which appeared at a later date, further attention was drawn to the importance which was attached to ornaments especially to that of the human body, and sunce farther particulars of the project were given. It was proposed to limit the scope of the work to the Indian Empire, and to the countries in political connection with its Government, and to conclade with such illustrations and descriptions of the jewellery and ornaments of past civilizations of Asix and Europe as might be thought necessary for the adequate consideration of the history of the subject and the develop ment of the different styles.

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