Indian Women (A Brief Socio-Cultural Survey)

Indian Women (A Brief Socio-Cultural Survey)

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Item Code: UAM923
Author: P. N. Tikoo
Publisher: B.R. Publishing Corporation
Language: English
Edition: 1985
Pages: 175
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Book Description

About The Book

"The man is not of the woman, but the woman of the man; neither was man created for the woman, but the woman for the man", says the Bible. But, Mr. Prithvi Nath Tikoo like Bertrand Russell defy anyone who finds a basis for this view, except that men have stronger muscles than women. One hundred years have passed since Russell discarded this notion as false and chauvinis tic. But, the dialogue still continues, and it is absurd to hope that dust would over settle over it. Talking of the emancipation of women in the Indian context one finds greater pitfalls than one anticipates. Paradoxically, we take our women to be as sexual beings and yet, find it hard to swallow the idea of sexual-liberty. We are distinctly oriental in our apprehensions. Flux is the law of nature and so also of human values and institutions. Sex, marri age and family are some basic issues dis cussed. The book traces the changing patterns of these fundamental tenets of the social fabric. From the universal question of human rights & ferminism to the personal, microcosmic rendering of Buwa's narrative, it delves deep into the basic human motives of domination & exploitation. The contrast is well-drawn as the changes occur in the lapse of time from Buwa's marriage to Lilly's. The modern, progressive values emerge to make counter-point. But, the change is limited. The rural women are still crushed under the indignity of serfdour Are the cities safe? Hardly. The 'city-news' column in the daily newspapers is replete with the incidents. of Dowry-deaths-murders or felo dese. Rapes, continue. Flesh trade still makes a profitable deal. Dowry-the index never shows a downward trend.

About the Author

Born on the 26th of January, 1905, Mr. Prithvi Nath Tikoo is a retired govt. servant He retired as Secretary, All India Social Welfare Advisory Board (J & K Branch). A journalist and a keen student of Indian history Mr. Tikoo took to authorship after his retirement. His other books are; 'Immortal India' and 'The story of Kashmir' forward of which are given by eminent personalities like Shri P. N. Haksar and Sri S.C. Dube, Vice-Chancellor, University of Jammu & Kashmir. The forward of this book is given by Shri B. K. Nehru. His main concern in all his writings has been the progress and achievements of the Indian civilizations. The growth of feminism is recorded and updated in the present work.


It was not without considerable hesitation and even some diffidence that I yielded to the persuasion of some of my friends to write something about the female characteristics in general, and about the past and the present world of Indian women. in particular. In the case of the latter the focal point was to be the exposition of a young woman's psyche and experience under the influence of the ethos surrounding her during her pre and post stages of marital life. Why did I hesitate ? Firstly because the subject suggested loomed large and taxing, even a surface handling of which would assume gigantic proportions in time and space. It also occurred to my mind that sufficient number of books about the female sex having already been written and published before, there could now be little scope left for more.

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