Inside India

Inside India

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Item Code: AZH212
Author: Halide Edib
Publisher: K. N. BOOK HOUSE, DELHI
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788190672443
Pages: 378
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Book Description


IT has been a rule of life with me not to write anything about a country not my own beyond personal impressions, and that very rarely. I have not made an exception to this rule even in the case of England, a people I have known since very early life, a culture which has formed me side by side with my own, a country where I have lived for more than four years, not counting the numerous visits made at different periods. I break the rule in writing Inside India. The reasons are:

First, I felt India to be nearer to my Soul-Climate than any other country not my own. It was not merely because I am a Muslem and there are Muslems in India. Even among Hindu friends who have kindly opened their homes to me, a people whose social structure is so different from my own, I felt entirely at home. And it is this sense of belonging in a spiritual sense which has made me take the liberty of writing about Indians so freely.

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