Interpretation of Dreams

Interpretation of Dreams

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Publisher: Sagar Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 8170820804
Pages: 267
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About the Author

Dr. S.K. Duggal, B. text Tech., MA, LL.B., is a textile Technologist. He started learning Astrology in 1963 in a traditional way from various Gurus in Punjab. He is the chairman of Chandigarh Chapter of India Council of Astrological Sciences (ICAS) and is teaching various subjects like, General Astrology Dashas, Transit, Medical Astrology, Marriage, Divisional Charts, Mundane Astrology, and Astro-Meteorology. He has written number of books covering various fields of Astrology. He has been conferred various title like jyotish Shiromani, Chikitsa jyotish Nishnata, Jyotish Vachaspati, Jyotish Bhooshana and Jyotish Acharya. He is advisor to International Federation of Astrology and Spiritual Sciences.

Qaiser Hussain, is an expert in Mystic Sciences. He has knowledge of Astrology, Palmistry, Classical Application of Mantras, Yantras and Tantra. He believes in all religions and applies the methodology of remedial measures in various spiritual texts. He specialises in Mundane Astrology and Remedial Measures.

Amjad Ali, is Masters in Business Administration from Aligarh University. He is an industrialist. He has lot of involvement in philanthropic activities. He has great interest in Astrology, Palmistry, and other allied sciences. He excels in analysis and interpretation of dreams.

About the Book

Dreams have been a part of human life. There had always been a desire to interpret dreams. Earlier, these were considered to be massages of God Almighty to the human beings. Even animals dream in their sleep. Some considered it to be supernatural powers bestowed to man. Priests guided their followers from future calamities.

Dreams has been related to Sanchita Karmas of the persons. These also depended on the Astrological factors and influence of planets. They relate to the Telepathy as well.

Dreams have been analyzed by Psychologists. This scientific procedure came into being about 100 years back.

The book explains scientifically the above aspects of human dreams. It has been explained that Hora and weather ,which depends on movement of the Sun and the Moon, effects the nature of dreams. Further the planetary movement i.e. Transit of Planets, their Mahadasa and Antardasha periods have an effects of dreams. Malefic planets cause bad, dreadful dreams while benefic planets are responsible for pleasant dreams.

It is not necessary that a good dream will always reflect a favourable position or a bad dream indicates bad period. Sometimes the results are almost opposite to the nature of dreams.

An effort has been made in this book to refer to dreams in Hindu Scriptures, Muslim Literature, works of modern psychologists and the interpretation passed on to the new generation by elderly people.

The book will serve a very good purpose for selection of Germs for Remedial Measures in Astrology.


Dreamology is an instinct of human life. It is a night time fantasy during sleep. It is reflection of our subconscious mind or message of God claimed by some religious scriptures. In our life what we think, do and believe on one level always effects on the other level – physically emotionally, mentally and spiritually, meaning that all parts of our lives are connected and that there is a cause and effect relationship in everything.

Dreams have a reality of their own depending upon our sanchita karmas or actions Prarabadha karmas. Dreams reveal our inner most feeling also if you are opened to the energy world, a lot of information is given while dreaming regarding situations, events that are in the near future, health problems, etc. At times powerful healings as well as symbols evens mantras are given to us by higher spiritual beings, assented masters so that we work towards the betterment of our lives as well as help everyone around us.

Dream appear mostly in sleep when the entire body is on physical comfortable relaxation or it is having some psychological or emotional stress are an amalgamation of our past experiences of life, our fears and of certain other things, as insight into our subconscious, and at times are prophetic about the future. Dreams help us to organize our activities in the present environments as well as guide us to carve out our future plans.

Most dreams have some types of feelings attached to them. It is very important to work with your dreams based on the feelings at that moment. As you work with the knowledge gained from your dreams, you will come to understand that the purpose of dreams is to help us grow and evolve and also to realize the main purpose of our very being. Dreams are fascinating. Dreams deliver spiritual messages and guide us for future course of action. If ignored deprived of the spiritual guidance which can be extremely helpful in achieving our desired goals.

Dreams have close association with telepathy. Some of the coming events or vividly reflected in dreams I personally have met a person who was a freedom fighter and jailed in Andaman and Nicobar (Kala Pani). He was recited a poem in his dream. He woke up and in absence of any writing material, he wrote down the poem on the wall of his cell with a piece of charcoal and later on he wrote back on piece of paper. The poem ran into a number of pages. The person was not at all a poet and sometime it was difficult for him even to interpret the meaning of the poem.

I also remember an incident where I dreamt about a friend of mine who was studying with me in the 2nd standard. When I was a student in the Engineering College at Delhi, one day at about 4 AM I was dreaming. Somebody knocked at the door of my room and when I opened the door, I found the same person standing in front of me who appeared in the dream. I had not met him for about 12 year after I had left place where we both were studying together.

Sleep has a wider link with Celestial Rhythm. The movement of the sun and the moon and the rhythm created by them causes formation of day and night or weathers which effect the natives of the earth. It is clear that people sleep more in the night than the day. Similarly, people have a deep and longer sleep in winter than in the summer. Astrology explain this phenomenon and its effects on human body very evidently.

Everyone maintains a fairly regular sleep cycle every night extending from 6-10 hours. For a young about if we consider the sleep cycle to be of 8 hours, it will have four phases of 2 hour each. Scientific studies revealed that in the first phase when we fall a sleep, the dream period is extended from 5-12 minutes. This dream period gets increased in each phase. During the last phase of dream before a person gets up, the dream can extend upto 40 minutes. This is called REM (Rapid Eye Movement). As if the dreamer is visualising some event with the closed eyes.

It is hard to distinguish between science and Astrology. Normally, it is called that Astrology is a Science of sciences. The Sun travels the zodiac in 24 hours thus transiting for about 2 hours in each id the 12 houses. Sun represents consciousness of mind and it is more operative during its transit from 7th to 12th house i.e.the brighter half. In the remaining 6 houses i. e. from 1stto 6th , it refers to the subconscious mind more effective during sleep.

When sun travels 5th and 6th house, duration of dreams is short and analysis of such dreams is difficult. Just after midnight, the sun transits the 4th house for 2hours. 4th house is associated with subconscious mind and external experiences such as sleep and consequently dreams. When Sun transit the 3rd house which signifies mental activity, communication, capacity to absorb knowledge, this is what psychoanalysts have represented as perfect and sound sleep. Thus the period of transit of sun during 4th house and 3rd house represents functioning of mind more vividly awakening out of deep REM sleep for some time and to develop contact with subconscious mind, personal thoughts and self communication.

Dream can further be associated with nightmares which is not pleasant experience. The nightmares may be threatening but are not always having an evil effect, they sometimes create strong tendencies. Sleep is a daily requirement for bio-psychic health and is related to the moon, significator for the 4th house. Sleep and dreams are unconscious activities. These are also associated with pisces and the 12th house. A native's birth chart indicates co-relation between these astrological factors to find out the sleep behaviour of the person concerned.

The planets, their Dasha and Antardasha depending upon weather, a planet is malefic or benefic, effect the quality of dreams. The Sun which is the all important planet for existence of our life on earth creates dreams related to power, fame, strength, authority, aristocrat, places of worship, God and generosity. These dreams mainly indicate golden or orange colours. The moon signifies white colours and such dreams are related to the mother, liquids, mental attitude, love tranquility of the mind, intellect and Goddess. The fiery planet Mars indicates red colour and dreams related with blood, rituals where fire is used like havan, disease, energy, heat, physical and mental strength, anger and aggression.

Under the influence of the dreams represent green colour and pertain to knowledge, education, skill in languages, religious acts, oratory eloquence, clothes, clubs, books, worry and apprehension. Jupiter created prophetic dreams. The golden yellow is dominant in such dreams, which pertain to scholarship, wealth, education, sacred texts like Vedas, philosophy, family relationship, religion and ability to grow mentally, morally and physically.

Venus is related to white colour. Venus produces dreams related to spouse, wife or husband, beauty, love, pleasures, attachments, married life, sexual pleasure, perfumes, bedrooms, expensive clothes, and luxury items. During the dasha periods of, Saturn, dreams predominantly have black colour. It indicates dreams concerning hair, barbers, mines, stubbornness, impetuosity, servitude, idiosyncrasy, imprisonment, and architecture.Rahu & Ketu signify dreams connected to wild animals, snakes, reptiles, secret plots, possession by discarnate supernatural beings, violence, litigations, theft, selfishness, occultism, assassinations, witchcraft, and enemies.

In the modern situations, insomnia is the biggest problem particularly in the highly developed societies. Modern psychology, which is just a 100 year old, in the present form as a science of human behaviour is used to study the behaviourial aspects of sleep and effects of dreams. However, Astrology has been used to study aspects of human consciousness or otherwise for thousand of years.

In short a dream can warn us of potential danger. Frequently things that trouble us crystallize in a dream. Everyone who sleeps, dreams. When you take a nap, you are ten times more likely to remember you dreams.

More often a person spends a 1/3rd of his life in sleep and dreams constitute an impotent part of sleep.

Many dreams brings message, some part of your soul's evolution. Dreamtime is often a place of transformation for the soul it awakens afterward enlightened about the next step on its journey into awareness. This is a time where the soul and mind process the path of the dreamer who returns in higher frequency of thought and personal mission.

Dream have a distinct relationship with remedial measures in Astrology. The easiest way to find the suitability of a particular gem to ward of the malefic effects of any planet is to use the gem in the night and analyse the effect of the dream that one may have.

It is with this intention that this book has been presented to the students and practitioners of Astrology. We hope that this will go long way to make correct assessment about the suitability of the planetary gems.

I am extremely thankful to Sh. Qaiser Hussain an eminent practitioner of Astrology, Yantra & Tantra. He is an expert in application of extremely powerful remedial measures available in Muslim literature.

I am also highly grateful to Sh. Amjad Ali, in Industrialist of repute who had been traveling abroad quite often and has collected lot of information for compilation of this book.

I am thankful to the Students and Faculty Members of Astrology of Indian Council of Astrological Science (ICAS) who had been pressing hard for such a compilation.

I must appreciate the patience exhibited by my wife Dr. Indra Duggal during the period I was busy with this book, by attending to all family affairs and social responsibilities.

I will fall in my duty if I do not recognize the help rendered by my colleagues S/Sh. G.S.Aggarwal, Anil Grover, C. M. Bhalla, and S.K. Dewan. The other staff members have also been offering their suggestions to improve the presentation of the book.

I am also thankful to Sh. Saurabh Sagar of Sagar Publication, New Delhi, for this constant efforts to get this book printed and published in the shortest possible time. His advice in presentation of the book was of great assistance to me.


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