Introduction to Astrology: Houses, Planets, Stars

Introduction to Astrology: Houses, Planets, Stars

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Item Code: AZH616
Author: Ramananda Caitanya Candra Das
Publisher: Ramananda Caitanya Candra Das
Language: English
ISBN: 9781685231521
Pages: 42
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Book Description


Astrology is one of the vedangas it is part of vedic culture as people where using it for reading the future of child, matching a horoscope for marriage, samskaras or Purificatory Rituals like annaprasana, namakarana, upanayana, Marriage ceremony, Suitable time for conception, seemantha, many auspicious events like Grahapravesha, bhumi puja, coronation, performing sacrifices, etc day to day activities like Selling, Purchasing Cows, Taking, settling loan, taking medicines, in agriculture Sowing the seed, harvesting, etc.

Regarding personal Horoscope astrological predictions are based Date, Time, Place of birth, those who do not have birth details should go for prasna or Horary astrology, there are also many systems called Palmistry-They will be reading your hand, right hand for males, left hand for females, Samudrika lakshnam-they will seeing you physical bodily feature that is your face, for predicting about your life.

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