Is There God!

Is There God!

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Item Code: UAM958
Author: Ramanuj Prasad
Publisher: B.R. Publishing Corporation
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9789350501658
Pages: 111
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Book Description

About The Book

"Is there God?" This question arises in every human mind one time or other. The subject matter is not a report that can be verified. One, who has plenty, looks to the Power to preserve it. He who does not have, he too calls Him for his necessities. He needs one, who can help to mitigate his sufferings. And the intellect asks for the proof of 'His Existence', so that his faith on Him can be strengthened. If God has a form He cannot be Omniscient and Omnipotent. The urge is to know about 'That', which is bugging the restless mind and to get satisfaction. This book finds the answer to prove the 'Existence of God' through the words of Sruti that there is God, who is the only intelligent Principle, capable of giving the Conscious- 'The Awareness'. It is to draw the attention and understanding to make it clear as the berry fruit on the palm of the hand. Self existence is God Existence and God Existence is all existence, since God and the Self is one reality.

About the Author

Born in 1936, Sri Ramanuj Prasad has been associated with many spiritual houses as he had unquenchable thirst to learn. He was closely associated with Ramakrishna Mission, Arsha Vidya Gurukula and Yogoda Satsang Society. Introspection and logical thinking led the author to present many technical papers, author poems and case studies. An ardent believer of Vedanta, he studied under the guidance of Swami Paramarthananda.
He has been blessed with multi discipline academic records in Economics. Engineering and Management. Having served in both Government and Public Sector Undertakings, he retired in 1994. He has authored the books on spiritualism like "Vedantic Truth Revealed, Veda- a way of life, know the Upanishads, know the Puranas, Life after death, Hindus- The Blessed Ones and Holy Veda.
Unfortunately, he passed away on 17th September, 2012, may God bless him in peace.


This is a primary treatise of faith in the Super Being, for common individual - an individual, who had not followed much spiritual discipline so far, but has clean and receptive tendency, built-in unto. And at appropriate time, the faith in the teacher and the scriptures spring out like the seed. breaking open from the crest of bountiful earth and as the dry tree and plants bear new leaves and greenery, all around. The nature puts on colorful sari and dance over and over and again showing it out.
Wonderful is the human mind, more are its fancies and functions. As much as one dives deep into the blue color Krsna, so it turns out to be whiter and whiter [pure]. Thus the inner strength and fulfillment are the benefits, unfolding in this volume.

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