Islam and Indian Muslims

Islam and Indian Muslims

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Item Code: AZG855
Author: Mir Sajjad Ali and Zainab Rahman
Publisher: Kalpaz Publications
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788178358055
Pages: 262
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About the Book
Religion is defined as belief in the supernatural. To that extent all religions are the same because despite all the differences in specific beliefs and rituals, followers of all religions hold the common belief that there is One Supreme Being, the Creator of the Universe, who is all powerful and all knowing. This book, based on Quranic quotations, tries to explain the unity of all religions. Quran proclaims itself to be the Last Message from the Supreme Being to the entire humanity. In an attempt to spread Quranic knowledge to one and all, the authors have compiled Quranic quotations on diverse topics like unity of all religions, relevance of Quranic teachings in day to day life, status of women, social relations, social evils, socially accepted behaviour, marriage and family life, concept of Jehad, People of the Scripture, Creation of the Universe, Day of Judgement, human weaknesses and strengths and so on. The last chapters deal with the advent of Islam in India and Indian Muslims.

This book will prove informative and thought provoking to all its readers. It will be of great value to research scholars in related field. Most important, it will go a long way in creating a feeling of "Sarv Dharm Sambhav".

All Religions, taken in their broadest sense aim at improving a human being to reach the highest level of nobility and purity of mind. Since the beginning of human history religion has in ita various manifestations dominated man's conscious efforts. When guided by positive motivation, it imparted a healing touch to society. Conversely, a confrontationist approach creates violent social upheavals engendering prejudices and animosities. But the bonding elements of religion emanating from the spirituality of religions, override and nullify the diverse influence cast by their ritual Practices. That explains Voltaire's witticism "if god didn't exist, man would have to invent him". In the words of a Sufi saint, 'there is one religion, the unswerving progress in the right direction towards the ideal, which, fulfils the life's purpose of every soul. Further, that "our god and your god is one and it is to him that we bow". This book shows through Quaranic quotations that all religions are basically the same and hence should unite humanity rather than divide it. I feel this book will go a long way in clearing misconceptions and ignorance about Quranic teachings and contribute towards mutual understandings and respect among people of various faiths. "Bring to remembrance the benefits you have received from Allah and refrain from evil and mischief on the earth."

The authors, Mir Sajjad Ali and Zainab Rahman have put in great efforts have to compile Quarnic quotations under different heads like unity of religion, relevance of Quran in modern times, Quarnic views about women, marriage and family, Jehad and so on. I knew Mir Sajjad Ali very well. He was a senior bureaucrat in the government of Andhra Pradesh at the time.

As a Muslim feel is my duty try and present positive aspects my in front the world so it Islam has in the news the wrong reasons. earlier, in words of Bernard Shaw, the religion Muslims the worst people'; Muslims gathered lot flak. This shows that somewhere Muslims have been unsuccessful presenting the true picture their religion to the world. So becomes all the essential clarify misconceptions and doubts only minds non Muslims also true quite Muslims do not know much about their religion worst follow wrong customs in name of Islam. With rampant ignorance prevailing it a daunting task to the facts, but determined try do May Allah and me in my endeavour. ironic that while literal meaning of the word Islam is Peace, today equated with violence and terror many. This state affairs is result many historic and political events it is only the Muslims are blamed Muslims were killed, treated discriminated against different parts the world in different ways the hundred have decided resort extreme violence avenge the method they have adopted wrong and these acts terrorism cannot called Jehad.

Islam is one of major religions the world which has followers all parts world. The literal meaning Islam Peace and submission the Will of Allah, followers Muslims. Quran holy book of Muslims the Word of Allah, revealed to Prophet Mohammad. Prophet was Arabia in the 6th century AD. At the age 40 years Allah chose him last prophet be sent humanity teach them the Eternal Truth was revealed earlier prophets Allah different times and places. Prophet Mohammad started preaching to the people of Mecca the of Arabia, and later people of different countries Quran.

Islam spread rapidly, both during the life time of the Prophet and soon after the Khalifas. is principal religion much of Asia and Middle East. Major Muslim countries are Indonesia [with world's largest Muslim population). Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Azarbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajakistan, Kyrgystan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and other Arab penensula states, and Turkey. India also has one of the largest Muslim populations in world although Islam is not principal religion there. In Africa, Islam is the principal religion Egypt Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania, Morocco, Senegal, Mali, Gambia, Somalia and Sudan, with sizable populations Nigeria, Ethiopia, Ghana, Eritrea, Chad and Tanzania.

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