Islam- Gender Justice (Muslims Gender Discrimination)

Islam- Gender Justice (Muslims Gender Discrimination)

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Item Code: AZG836
Author: Asghar Ali Engineer
Publisher: Gyan Publishing House, New Delhi
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2013
ISBN: 9788121211697
Pages: 312
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Book Description

About the Book
This book is collection of essays written from time to time on common theme of gender justice in Islam. These essays and articles deal with various problems like fatwas issued on marriage, divorce, maintenance, custody of children etc. etc. and attempts critique of these fatwas. The author maintains in these essays that Muslim practices deviate from Qur'anic pronouncements on gender equality and women's rights clearly spelt out in Qur'an. The rights of women in Muslim societies are mainly determined, not by Qur'anic pronouncements but by cultural practices and hence it appears that Islam suppresses women's rights which is not true. Dr. Engineer has shown quite clearly that not Islam but cultural practices which are mainly to be blamed for the wide gap between theory and practice. This book will be highly useful for those who want to understand the gender question in Islam in all its complexities.

About the Author
Asghar Ali Engineer is internationally known Islamic theologian and scholar cum-activist for peace and gender justice. He has been acclaimed both for his scholarship as well as activism and has been awarded several awards nationally and internationally including Right Livelihood Award which is also known as alternate Noble Prize. He has been working tirelessly for Inter-religious peace and gender justice. He has authored more than 70 books both written and edited. He has received honorary doctorates from three Universities. He has travelled throughout the world for lectures in different universities.

This book contains essays Muslim Personal Laws gender justice written from time to time and some of published Dawn newspaper, Karachi a monthly column. It thought necessary to these the form these essays widely discussed on forums including inter-net and are permanent value. justice becoming increasingly important communities, Muslims as people Islam does do justice to women and suppresses their rights.

Islam no injustice women all. perception, not reality. Islam the first religion the world, the Qur'anic pronouncements on gender issue to give those well-defined rights and even made them equal man. Then question arises why lagging behind in Islamic countries appear subordinated men? to patriarchal culture. since societies generally lagging behind economic and educational development, patriarchy in these countries remains and justification under the garb distorted interpretations and medieval texts which came that period to superiority women.

However, some known Islamic scholars reform situation and advocated reforms personal laws, especially encounter with colonialism century onwards. have also attempted Muslim personal known Sheridan laws and tried to restore Qur'anic of justice. Some the essays have been written on certain issues, and some essays have been written on reformers like Maulavi Mumtaz Ali Khan and others.

essays will dispel many misunderstandings both among Muslims as non-Muslims about gender issues Islam. If it happens this book would have served its purpose.

ANTI-ISLAM FILM AND REACTION IN THE MUSLIM WORLD A Coptic American, extreme right winger and Islam hater made an anti Islam film and put it on internet. Its reaction was very violent in the Muslim world beginning with Libya wherein an American ambassador Christopher Steve along with four other consulate staff was killed in violent demonstration. It was followed by violent demonstrations in Egypt, Yemen, and other places. Saudi Arabia which normally remains officially silent also had to strongly protest on Government level.

Of course some countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and others remained comparatively peaceful though signs of unrest are there in these countries too. In other words the countries covered by Arab Spring were mostly affected. And on this occasion a private agency in Iran once again renewed the prize offer (with increased amount of 3.3 million dollar) on Rushdie's head.

Rushdie of course reacted characteristically by saying that blasphemy should be one's right. It is difficult to say what shape this renewed offer on Rushdie's head will take. It may remain only a formal announcement. It seems difficult that it would become a raging controversy as it did when Ayatollah Khomeini had declared price on Rushdie's head. Politically it was very different context.

Ayatollah Khomeini then was a great hero for the Muslim youth as he had declared America a great Satan (Shaytan-e-buzurg) and America all over the Muslim world then was seen as an evil incarnate who had tried to stop an Islamic revolution and Rushdie was seen as a western agent who had, in the name of human rights, insulted the Prophet of Islam thus trying to weaken Islamic revolution. One cannot expect that kind of reaction from the Muslim youth anymore.

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