Jaina Philosophy: Religion and Ethics

Jaina Philosophy: Religion and Ethics

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Item Code: UAN466
Author: B. B. Raynade
Publisher: Bharatiya Vidya Prakashan, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2002
ISBN: 8121701376
Pages: 277
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Book Description

**Contents and Sample Pages**

The intellectual life in India as re flected in ancient and medieval In dian literature is thoroughly perme ated with religious thought. Reli gion inherits its authority from the sanctity it has bestowed on the di vinity, scripture, hero or teachers. The religion that is most effective involves the very depths of man's personality, and inevitably con cerns the greatest realities which he can conceive. The religious conception of reality involves the cognition of some divine nature in each human being. Apart from its theoretical and mystical elements religion, so far as it has grown on the Indian soil. has constantly at tempted to evolve and propagate certain ethical standards for the good behaviour of man as a con stituent of the society. In Jainism it explicitly spells pluralism, there is individualistic immortality, every atman becomes super-atman and they are infinite possessing char acteristics like infinite vision, infi nite knowledge, infinite bliss and infinite power; the Paramatman en joys ideal isolation of Kaivalya. This occurs on the disappearance of the obscuring veils which result on the total purging of all the destructive.

karmas. The purgation is occa sioned by the aquisition of the per fection of what is called Ratnatraya (tripple jewels) Samyag-darsana (right faith), Samyag-jnana (right knowledge) and Samyag-caritra (right conduct). The present study examines the different facets of Jaina philosophy in light of the other Indian thoughts. The book is grouped into five chapters starting with the Religious Quest of man and subsequently giving comprehen sive treatment to the topics like the Problem of God, the Nature of Self, Jaina Ethics and the Concept of Sal vation. It will prove a very useful book.

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