A Judge's Miscellany on Superannuation

A Judge's Miscellany on Superannuation

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Author: V.R. Krishna Iyer
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 9788176463966
Pages: 268
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Book Description

About the Book
The V.R. Krishna Iyer been prolific writer. While the bench of the Supreme Court he wrote great judgments, superannuation he continued write almost books have emerged from his pen. generous and elevated mind, Johnson, distinguished nothing more certainly than Krishna curiosity distinguished quality. That is has written in book, is colorful collection wide topics, presenting to the reader lovely folio views prove that adorn. Jurisprudence is forte and book ancient Indian guns with deep peep jurisprudence. Having been lawyer judge has presented appreciation Palkhiwala and one great lawyer South T.R. Venkitarama rights crusader stri. Being human has essays different dimensions people's our secular heritage marred communal carnage. The child and law' excellent piece which everyone with commitment must.

law suffered perversion and Krishna for long defense the Indian patents jurisprudence, has informative, review of I.K. Goral Commission relating to patents. Compassion for bondage has moved author write freedom beyond Having been legislator, experience is evident his article the Jurisprudence of comity between the Judicature legislature the country.

About the Author
Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer is, to borrow at Supreme Court idiom, one of those "rarest of rare" individuals who combines activism with restraint, politics with dignity, scholarship with humanism and service with humility. An able lawyer, an astute legislator, an ardent law reformer, a dynamic Minister in government, an activist Judge who perfected judicial craftsmanship to meet social justice and human rights goals, a prolific writer and great lover of sports, music, animals, books and travel, Justice Iyer is indeed a role model to many in law, politics and social work.

Born back in 1915 in northern Kerala and educated in Annamalai and Madras Universities, Krishna lyer practised law and involved himself in the defense of peasants and workers. He was elected initially to the Madras Legislative Assembly and later, after re organization of States, to the Kerala Assembly, where he shone as Minister in charge of important portfolios like Home, Law, Social Welfare, Electricity and Irrigation.

Appointed Judge of the Kerala High Court in July 1968 and as Member of the Indian Law Commission two years thereafter, he demonstrated his tremendous capacity to relate law to social needs and social justice. The Supreme Court of India beckoned him in 1973 and then followed an era of judicial activism, public interest litigation, affirmative action through Courts and a wide-ranging exercise of Judicial review for which the Indian Judiciary is today well known throughout the world. Though his tenure in the Apex Court was relatively short, he left an indelible impression in the public mind on the nature and scope of judicial power which continues to inspire lawyers and judges both within the country and outside.

Author of innumerable books and articles and leading in ember of several social organizations and professional bodies he has been honored by several coveted awards, degrees honors cause and high distinctions. Suffice it to say that there is no Indian Judge till date, living or dead, on whom three doctoral theses have been written by scholars in three different Universities. Mr. Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer has that distinction.

Every judge who attains the age of superannuation retires from his high office. But his vast experience, enriched faculties and seasoned training in the resolution of human conflicts cannot go in vain. Therefore it is a social commitment of the superannuated judge to continue to share the accumulated wisdom of his years in office administering the due process of law. Public life in a new dimension, accountability in a large sense, and joining the mainstream of life with a noble perspective become the rule of his life. Viewed from this angle, I have been unremittingly engaging myself in writings which have the impress of judicial detachment, constitutional philosophy and the insistence on truth and justice, secularism and democracy. I am aware that many who wore the robes as brethren on the bench' have succumbed to giving high priced opinion and kept themselves ceaselessly busy with expressively charged arbitration litigation. However, to gain deliverance from the world which is too much with us, to liberate ourselves from fields where we lay waste our powers for cash is a chastened freedom and rare liberty for which there is no equivalent in accumulated wealth.

I have been writing articles on subjects of public concern. I have been delivering lectures in Universities and other institutions, cultural, social and economic.

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