Kaziranga- The Rhind Land

Kaziranga- The Rhind Land

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Item Code: AZG553
Author: C.P. Oberoi and B.S. Bonal
Publisher: B.R. Publishing Corporation
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2002
ISBN: 9788176462594
Pages: 125 (Color and B/W Illustrations)
Other Details 11.50x9.00
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Book Description

About the Book
KAZIRANGA The Rhino Land is a tribute to the hardworking, duty conscious. 'do-or-die' staff of the Kaziranga National Park in Assam state of North-East India. This World Heritage Site is a success story of conservation and protection of wildlife. Kaziranga had just about a dozen Great Indian One-horned Rhinos in 1908. This low figure was reached because of lack of conservation sensitivity, and rhino. hunting for sport in the British Raj and by several rulers/Maharajas of yester years. The Maharaja of Coochbehar had shot nearly 300 rhinos during his time, Later, the Assam Government's sensitivity to the cause of thino led to the formation of Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary and later the Kaziranga National Park. The Great Indian One homed Rhino appears in the IUCN Red Data book. This species, which was at the brink of extinction, has somehow been revived. Thanks to a team of highly dedicated workers of the KNP. who have done a commendable job despite many odds and difficult working conditions. It is a unique success story of revival of a large mammal, which has attracted unscrupulous poachers for its horn. p>
About the Author
The authors, Sh. C.P. Oberal, Former Director General of Forests and Special Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forests and Sh. B.S. Bonal have tried to analyse various issues concerning rhino and its home-Kaziranga National Park (KNP). B.S. Bonal has served in KNP for almost a decade and has also managed wildlife habitats in other protected areas of Assam. It is hoped that the book will help to dispel the myths about rhino horn, urine, blood, skin and its nails. This book should also reinforce the efforts to protect the large armoured mammal and its co-denizens of the forests viz. wild buffalo, tiger, swamp deer. elephant, hog deer and many other mammals, reptiles and birds, who constitute the famous Kaziranga National Park.

The role of biodiversity in maintaining the ecological security of the country and ameliorating the climate is globally realised. Species like rhino, elephant, tiger, lion deserve special focus in the conservation efforts as their population indicates the health of the eco-system. Only very rich and diverse forests can support a good population of these species.

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