Ladakh Buddhist Culture & Tradition

Ladakh Buddhist Culture & Tradition

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Item Code: UAM667
Author: Prem Singh Jina
Language: English
ISBN: 8178355647
Pages: 264
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Ladakh is a wonderful land lies in the lap of Trans Himalayas. In olden days it was popular for trade to Central Asia. In 1947, when India got Independence, Ladakh became an integral part of Indian Republic. Pakistan did not want this, attacked Ladakh four times viz 1948, 1965, 1971, and 1999. Its north and western borders touch China. In 1962 after taking opportunity China also invaded Ladakh and captured a large area. Thereafter, it became an important issue for Indian Government to take care of this remote border land and to develop it under the direction of defence personals. Today development plans are undertaken by Autonomous Hill Development Councils-Leh and Kargil in a democratic way. This book covers eighteen chapters based on my research work and observations in Ladakh. In brief it is divided in three parts: (1) General study: Role of kings, trade transport, society and hygiene. History and Culture A study of Buddhist monasteries, Tibetan manuscripts and inscriptions. I hope the outcome of this work though general but interesting for students, teachers and tourists. The author may accept some shortcoming in this academic presentation as he is working under terrible constraints of hostile climatic conditions, linguistic communication problems and unfavourable administrative support.

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