Lal Kitab Plus - With Varshphal, Palmistry Vastu and Remedies (Set of Two Volumes)

Lal Kitab Plus - With Varshphal, Palmistry Vastu and Remedies (Set of Two Volumes)

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Item Code: NAM887
Author: Dr. Manoj Kumar
Publisher: Alpha Publications
Edition: 2013
Pages: 686 (111 B/W Illustrtaions)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
Weight 810 gm

Book Description

About the Author

Dr. Manoj Kumar is a Post Graduate in two subjects (History & Public Administration) and Ph.D. After the completion of his academic career, he devoted his time and energy to the study & research of Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Vaastu-Fengshui, Past life Regression & other occult sciences as well as in deep Sadhana. He completed his Jyotish Alankar (Silver Medalist) and then Jyotish Acharya from Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan under the guidance of Shri KN. Rao, the world's most renowned Astrologer. Thereafter, he joined the research group of Shri KN. Rao and commendably completed his research on several topics with excellent results.

After excelling himself in Vedic Astrology, he plunged himself into the mystery of KP. Astrology under the guidance of renowned KP. Astrologers and scholars to refine his techniques of predictions as KP. Astrology gives very accurate results with the exact timing of events.

He did not stop here but continued his mission of studying & knowing other branches of occult sciences. He studied Numerology prevalent in different parts of the world taking into account different parameters e.g. Pythagorean, Chinese, Chaldean, Sepharial, Kabala, Cheiro etc. He is doing research for several years on this wonderful science of numbers.

He also studied Palmistry, Vaastu-Fengshui and Past life Regression and now teaching all these subjects, authoring books and providing professional consultancy. He has given innumerable correct predictions and guided his clients to combat adverse periods with ease.

He is the Chief Editor of two prestigious Astrological Magazines namely Future Samachar and AIF AS Research Journal of Astrology.

He has established prestigious organisation of world repute named 'Council of Astrological Research and Welfare Association' for the study and Research of Occult Sciences. He is imparting his services here for the research projects of Occult Studies and authoring books on different subjects. He has so far written more than 35 books on Astrology, Numerology, Vaastu, Fengshui, Lal Kitab etc. which are famous worldwide.

He is a staunch Sadhak also and has devoted himself fully to the 'Satvik Tantra Sadhana' with the aim to serve the humanity and work for the welfare of the world and ameliorate the lot of the society. Through Tantra, he has endowed benefits to the ailing and suffering people.


Lal Kitab is a remarkable branch of occult studies. It is actually the collection of five books written during the period of 1939 to 1952. It was written in ancient Urdu language originally. There are difference of opinion regarding the authorship of Lal Kitab. However it is widely accepted that these books were written by Pt. Roop Chand Joshi. Lal Kitab Astrology has of late become highly popular because of its interpretation of new style of horoscope analysis with quick and affordable remedies. The remedies given in Lal Kitab are infallible and very practical. A deeper level of analysis of Lal Kitab suggests that its remedies have a scientific logic to support its astrological predictions. Lal Kitab throws sufficient light over different dimensions of human life which were never discussed in classical astrology. Much younger than its classical counterparts it covers the modern life style and day to day events which were hard to find in classical astrology. It is important to note that Palmistry and Vaastu are also the parts of Lal Kitab. Lal Kitab remedies are affordable, easy and provide quick result. The effects of remedies are Unbelievable.

It is said that these remedies are especially suitable for quick result in Kaliyug as the traditional methods viz. Tantra, Mantra, Yajna, Japa etc. have become very difficult to practise during this period. The remedies are very easy like throwing something in running water or establishing something in home. However one : should be cautious while using the remedies of Lal Kitab because if done in inappropriate manner it can also backfire. That's why it is essential to be cautious while using the remedies of Lal Kitab and it is must that it should be performed under the guidance of the practioner of Lal Kitab.

As a matter of fact, it is very difficult to understand Lal Kitab due to its mysterious and Talismatic language. Rationale behind the 'Farmaans', the couplets of Lal Kitab and remedies thereof are also difficult to understand. However, the author has tried to present it in very easy and simple language without using any complex couplet for the easy understanding of the readers of English language in India and the rest part of the world. It is also the sincere effort of the author to save the people from being misguided by the crooks who take the advantage of prevailing confusing environment. Lal Kitab originally published in Urdu language enshrines such effective principles and remedial measures that it has rightly been termed as 'The Wonder Book'.

Lal Kitab provides unique remedial measures to solve chronic and critical human problems in day to day life and even serious ailments. These measures do not require the practice of ordeals, Yajnas, Hawans and other complicated and expensive rituals which prove more troublesome for persons who are already in trouble because of the evil effects of certain planets. These measures are again different from Tantra, Mantra and Yantra which give various adverse effects if not followed rigorously in all their minute details. The measures suggested in Lal Kitab are effective in solving all kinds of human troubles and tensions without inflicting harm on anybody i.e. these remedies are completely self defensive against the evils created by the planets without causing injury in any way to anyone concerned.

In Lal Kitab 'Lagna' is treated as the 1st house and it is regarded as the house of 1st sign Aries and counting is done progressively in a sequence upto the 12th house being that of Pisces sign. There are three features in the core principle of Lal Kitab which have been made the foundation. There are nine planets which are moving in the infinite universe and which are the symbols of the following elements:

1. Mercury - expanse or vastness

2. Rahu - the friend and supporter of Mercury, sky

3. Sun - Light

4. Saturn - Darkness

5. Jupiter - Air

6. Venus - Nadir 7. Ketu - The supporter and friend of Venus, Nadir

8. Moon - The Earth

9. Meteor - Shooting Star

The native comes to the earth with his own fate and that can not be changed. It can only be changed in exchange of the execution of self. Planets influence in two ways, namely certain and uncertain during the planetary transit. The fate depicts the certain influence of the planets. The uncertain influence of some of the planets is not confirmed hence that may be altered through remedies and thus the trouble can be solved.

It is the basic principle of Lal Kitab. There is no dispute over the fact that the remedies of Lal Kitab help in doing away with the problem. Planets exert malefic effects in two ways according to Lal Kitab. For example the remedies will work when a planet placed in a house exert influence according" to the house but when the same planet start exerting its own influence then no remedy will work. The remedies have been divided into three categories - trial, remedy and good conduct. Trials are meant for quick relief, remedies offer long term relief and good conduct affects permanently. A person can remain perpetually pleased by observing the rules of good conduct and can pave a safe future for the coming generation. It is described in religious scriptures and Puranas that a son has to pay his father's debt. As such, the father's debt has been defined in Lal Kitab. Sins also keep on accumulating in successive generations. In Lal Kitab good conduct has also been used as a remedy. We should note that these remedies are assimilated with our culture alongwith the good conduct in such a way that they do not appear as remedies. Furthermore, we constantly observe several remedies without being aware. For example - do not tell a lie, do not be a false witness, do not speak foul, have faith in God, live in joint family, maintain good relations with in-laws, help and offer food to the physically challenged, serve widows, feed cows, dogs, crows, monkeys etc. All these acts are performed by every individual in our country.

The author has tried his best to present Lal Kitab in simple version without altering the sense of original Lal Kitab presented in the form of verses and couplets. The meaning remains the same but it is understandable to every individual. Lal Kitab has been originally written in five different titles. However, the author of this book has tried to present the entire principles along with remedies of Lal Kitab in two volumes. This is the first volume spread in 16 chapters which deal with different phenomena of Lal Kitab.

Every chapter includes one or the other important concepts of Lal Kitab. Hope you will like this book also as always and remain rendering your support and inspiration for the creative works as usual.


Lal Kitab is a magical book and its study requires all seriousness to understand its philosophy, logic and remedies. This book is of great help to human being. It should be studied time and again in peaceful environment. The astrologers who are the scholars of traditional astrology, they should study Lal Kitab leaving their astrological knowledge aside because they may get confused because its theories are some what different. Since the ancient times three types of remedies are prevalent. These are Mantra, Tantra and Yantra. Mantras have enormous power and if they are used properly in particular direction they give wonderful result. In order to activate the power of the mantra, its pronunciation requires to be done with vibration. For producing vibration it is essential to use tongue, throat and lips properly. During the days of Gurukul, Ashram and Guru-shishya tradition, it was easy because since the early childhood students were taught to recite the mantras and practice them for long hours. But in modern education these things are completely vanished- so the power of mantras are also loosing its strength.

Yantras are being used since hundreds of years in India, Tibet and Nepal like countries. Yantras are constructed in specific size and shape. This is the reason why in Hindu and Jain religions 'Swastik' has lots of importance while the Christians give importance to 'Cross'. Yantras are made in specific size and shape where even some words or mantras are inscribed or many Yantras have only specific shape. There are 1000 such Yantras which are used for specific purposes. Sri Yantra, Swastik, Beesa Yantra, Panchdashi Yantra are some of the examples of Yantras. It is not easy to understand the minute nature of shape in the methods of making Yantras. During the ancient times Pyramids were constructed taking into account the special' angles. Its angular enshrinement has all the power. The power of Pyramids can be seen in the pyramid of Giza where the dead bodies kept there 1000 year ago are still preserved. Today even Pyramids made up of paper or plastic are used. The plants kept under these Pyramids don't die and always look fresh. Edible items if kept under pyramids don't get stale easily. If the pyramids are kept over the aching body parts, it reduces the pain substantially.

The third type of remedies prescribed in the religious texts are Tantra but the name of tantra has produced many types of fear and illusion in the minds of common people. Tantriks in modern era has created such type of bad notions. They have created such illusion by their funny sort of look like long hairs, drunk, attired with black clothes and doing funny type of activities. Tantriks are generally approached in modern times for wrong doings and mainly by females but tantra is not meant for this. It should be used properly for the noble cause. It has enormous power hidden in it and it should never be wasted for improper and illegal acts. Tantra is meant to produce power in any object. A person who knows the secrets of any plant or natural object he can produce enormous power even in them and use that power to destroy the other power in the same manner how poison destroys the effect of other type of poison.

The remedies of Lal Kitab is also very similar to the remedies of tantra. Here the articles signifying different planets should be used with precaution. If there will be any mistake in its use the effect can be even negative. The remedies of Lal Kitab don't cost much and they give positive effect immediately if done properly. In Lal Kitab gem stones are not prescribed for the remedies of planets. Astrologers started using the Lal Kitab without its proper understanding and suggesting the remedies to the suffering people. They began to suggest the remedies without analysing the planetary position in the houses, their aspect and other essential things. In ancient times three "types of remedies were very popular. The first one was to spread the round bundle of white lace (nibar) on the bed. This remedy was considered to give relief from any problem. The second prevalent remedy was to keep the pitcher, pot or tumbler in right shape if they are kept inverted. The third one was to get the non-working watches and clocks repaired immediately or give it to someone or throw it. To keep the non-working watches in the house is not only inauspicious but it closes the doors of luck. All these three remedies have the relation with Mercury so the half scholars of Lal Kitab understood that Mercury is the cause of all the troubles. This is probably due to this reason also that in Lal Kitab Mercury has been referred to as 'infidel girlfriend'. These remedies continued for long. Thereafter the fourth remedy came into existence to get rid of all the problems. This remedy was to flow 8 kg. of lead coins after cutting them into pieces into running water. This remedy continued for long but this did not prove very powerful. All these instances mean that the similar sort of remedy is not proper for all the problems. As the different diseases can be cured by different medicines, in the similar manner the different problems of different natives should be solved by different types of remedies. In Lal Kitab each planet has been prescribed different types of remedies and behind it there are solid logic. Unless and until we understand the logic hidden behind these remedies, we could not be able to suggest the proper remedy to our natives. For example, Saturn gives inauspicious result in 5th house in natural (Kalpurush) horoscope. 5th house has Leo sign owned by Sun. That's why Saturn will prove inauspicious here. According to Lal Kitab 2nd house is considered to be the house of religion. So in order to ward off the evil effects of Saturn one should keep the articles which are significator of Saturn to the house of religion and bring half of that article to his house and keep them somewhere. By this remedy the inauspicious effect of Saturn will vanish.


Volume I
1 Introduction 1
Placement of Favourable planets to desired house 5
2 Definitions of Specific Terms 13
Night blind planets (Ratandh Grah) 15
Religious Planets 16
Religious chart (Dharmi Teva) 18
Pucca house of the planets 18
Friendly planets 19
Rival Planets 20
Completely established or Perfect Planet (Kayam Grah) 20
House of the planet 20
Exalted and Debilitated Planets 21
Colliding Planets 21
Basic Planets (Buniyadi Grah) 22
Power of aspect and effects 23
Asleep House 24
Asleep Planets 25
Tender chart (N abalig Teva) 27
Birth day and Planet of Birth time 29
Planets of Grahphal and Rashiphal 30
Masnui (Artificial) Planets 30
Sacrificial Planets or Sacrificial Goat 32
Impact of Planets on Age 33
3 Houses and Significations 35
4 Relationships of Planets and Signs 51
Houses and Age 51
Awakened planets and awakened houses 52
Single Planet not aspected 54
Special rule of Planets 55
Relatives of the planets 56
Houses 60
Important Principles of Lalkitab 60
Symbolic signs during inauspicious periods 68
5 Sun in Different Houses 75
6 Moon in Different Houses 105
7 Mars in Different Houses 133
8 Mercury in Different Houses 155
9 Jupiter in Different Houses 177
10 Venus in Different Houses 207
11 Saturn in Different Houses 229
12 Rahu in Different Houses 247
13 Ketu in Different Houses 265
14 Debts in Lal Kitab 279
Father's Debt (Pitru Rina) 279
Self Debt 284
Mother's debt (Matru Rina) 285
Wife’s Debt (Stri Rina) 286
Debts of the relatives 286
Debts of Sister-Daughter 287
Cruelty debt 288
Unknown debt 288
Divine Debt 289
15 Longevity 291
16 Remedies of Planets 297
Displacement of Inauspicious Planets 297
Precaution for inauspicious planets 298
Remedies for 12 Houses 299
Remedies to assist weak planets 304

Volume II
1. Conjunction of two Planets 1
2. Conjunction of three Planets 77
3. Conjunction of four Planets 95
4. Conjunction of five planets 99
5. Remedies of Maleficence 101
Remedies Related of Progeny 101
Remedies for Freedom from Diseases 101
Remedies Related to Donations 103
Remedies Related to Conjunction 104
Remedies of Malefic Planets 107
Remedies Related to 12 Houses 111
Remedies Related to 12 Sins 116
Some Important Remedies 125
6. Varshphal in Lal Kitab 135
Results of Planet in different Houses 143
7. Palmistry in Lal Kitab 227
8. Lal Kitab Vastu 341
Selection of Plots 342
Golden Rules of Vaastu 345
Special Rule of Vastu in Lal Kitab 346

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