The Laws of the Higher Life

The Laws of the Higher Life

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Item Code: UAH891
Author: Annie Besant
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788170593027
Pages: 68
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Book Description

About The Book

In three inspiring and illuminating lectures, Annie Besant reveals the Reign of Law in the Universe and the need for man to understand and act according to that Law for his material, moral and spiritual progress.

Man can realize his true nature as the Higher Consciousness only in proportion as he 'tranquillizes the senses and restrains the mind'.

He advances towards that realization in proportion as he obeys 'Dharma', the Law of Duty, by setting himself definitely and resolutely to the fulfilment of all his obligations.

Ultimately, the Law of Sacrifice lifts him up wards. By leading a life of daily sacrifices and by pouring himself out in service for others one day he finds himself on the summit of Self-realization.

About The Author

Annie Besant (1847-1933), second President of the Theosophical Society (1907-1933) was described as a 'Diamond Soul' for she had many brilliant facets to her character. She was one of the outstanding orators of her time, a champion of human freedom, educationist, philanthropist and author. She has more than three hundred books and pamphlets to her credit, and guided thousands of men and women all over the world in their spiritual quest.

In her earlier days in England, she did remarkable work as a Freethinker and Fabian socialist, and supported many noble causes, including women's suffrage. From 1893, she lived in India and worked indefatigably for the cultural and spiritual renaissance of the country. She organized the Home Rule movement and inspired Indians with a dynamic vision of India's future.

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