Life and Times of Hoysala Narasimha

Life and Times of Hoysala Narasimha

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Item Code: UAK018
Author: M. Radha Patel
Publisher: University of Mysore, Mysore
Language: English
Edition: 2001
Pages: 210 (Throughout B/W Illusterations)
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Book Description


The Hoysalas have played a dominant role in the political and cultural history, not only of Karnataka but also of South India. Their contribution in political history, administration, religion. literature and art are varied and interesting. Unfortunately not much work has been done on this dynasty, of course with the exception of the works of William Coelho and Duncan Derrett. The Hoysala dynasty had the good fortune of having some very illustrious kings like Vishnuvardhana, Ballala II, Somesvara, Narasimha III and Ballala III who made their dynasty politically and culturally great. As the works of Coelho and Derrett treat the entire dynasty, the part played by individual kings could not be subjected to more serious study. This prompted me to take up the study of the reign of Narasimha III for a detailed examination, so that his part in the history of the Hoysala dynasty could be properly evaluated. The present thesis contains nine chapters. The first chapter takes into consideration the condition of South India at the time of the accession of Narasimha III as a background, so that the time of Narasimha could be evaluated. In the second chapter Life and Career of Narasimha has been subjected to detailed discussion. It is mostly political in nature and studies the diplomacy of Narasimha III and his relations either friendly or otherwise with the contemporary powers of South India. The third chapter examines the extent of help rendered by various feudatories and ministers under Narasimha III to the political and cultural life of the times. Administration of this period is the next chapter. Though administration did not differ substantially from one king to another, an attempt has been made in this chapter to pinpoint the part of Narasimha and his officers to the extent possible depending upon the available sources. Sources of other kings have been made use of only when there is lack of material with regard to Narasimha III.

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