LIMITED EDITION, LEGION 49~ by Barry William Hale #287/777

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“Fulgur Limited, 2009. Limited edition of 777 copies only, hand-numbered., 2009. Birthed from strange and ancient larvae, the demon Beelzebub is often heard but seldom seen. His presence throughout history is fleeting, sudden, ever evasive. Even in the light of modern studies, references to the 'God of Ekron' are scant and largely academic. Drawn from many years practical experience working with Beelzebub and his servitors, Legion 49 provides us with a rare glimpse of 'the Lord of the Flies' and the dark quintessence of his Legion. In a series of short, de-constructionist essays the artist explores traditional methods of evocation and the myths surrounding Beelzebub, before providing an iconographical and sigillic recension of his horde of forty-nine servitors, glimpsed through the protective symmetry of the paper-cut traditions of old Mexico.”


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