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123 Issues Spiritual World Pro Beatrice, Beatrice Brunner Medium Transmit,   Original Issues THE SPIRITUAL WORLD : SWISS CHRISTIAN SPIRITUALIST JOURNAL Publish by – THE SPIRITUAL LODGE ZURICH   Softcover, English,  8.5" x 11" Tall, Each issue is held together on top by one staple Translated from tapes of actual trance lecture given at different locations   1967 No. 13   to  1977 No. 143   Missing Issues are: No. 21 to 24, 44, 61, 62, total missing are 7 issues   Extremely hard to find  (Your practically paying $1.65 an issue) WELL WORTH THE MONEY   CONDITION: Very Good, about a third of these issues might show age tanning probable produced with a lower quality paper. looking close you may see one minor horizontal mailing crease as expected.  All else is excellent, no ware, clean inside no writing, markings, tares, ... , Solid & tight, Please note the interiors were randomly checked and skimped through. Just to note that something could have been missed All items personally inspected, individually listed,     The Spiritual World – Beatrice Brunner   Beatrice Brunner as deep trance medium for the association for 35 years – from 1948 until her passing away in 1983. She was born on 27th February 1910 in the canton of Schwyz. As an adolescent she completed an apprenticeship as a dressmaker. During and after the difficult years of the Second World War, and as a mother of two children, she managed independently her own sewing atelier in Zurich with two employees. By the end of 1945 her life took a turn when she and her husband Arthur Brunner were told by a third person that she had the gift of mediumship. Thanks to their pronounced dedication and modesty Beatrice and Arthur Brunner were successful in gathering a small circle of people interested in building up the association. During the subsequent decades this organization underwent a remarkable development. In this way it was possible for the spiritual world to transmit more than 2500 lectures over a period of 35 years, thereby offering a concise description of Christian spiritual teaching. Measured by their duration as well as their content, quantity and continuity the lectures are of an absolute unique character. The Spiritual World – Beatrice Brunner the English language edition of the Swiss journal Geistige Welt Geistige Welt is the oldest journal in the German-speaking world treating otherworldly knowledge, and has been published continuously since 1948. Pro Beatrice is an association whose purpose is to cultivate and promote Christian spirit teaching. It is based on lectures which were transmitted from the world beyond by the deep trance medium Beatrice Brunner.

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