M. D. Entrance A Handbook of Ayurveda (A Competitive Guide for M.D. Entrance & Other Examinations)

M. D. Entrance A Handbook of Ayurveda (A Competitive Guide for M.D. Entrance & Other Examinations)

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Book Specification

Item Code: UAI261
Author: Ajai Kumar Pandey
Language: Sanskrit and English
Edition: 2018
ISBN: 8170843877
Pages: 536
Other Details 9.00 X 6.00 inch
Weight 470 gm

Book Description

I have gone through this prepress script of the book "A Hand book of Ayurveda" authored by Dr. Ajai Kumar Pandey, Lecturer in Kaya chikitsa, Institute of Medical Sciences, Banaras Hindu University. The book presents a rich information on Astanga ayurveda in question-answer mode. It covers almost all specialties of Ayurveda, both fundamental and applied. It is a good study guide on the subject useful for all range of readers.

Following the spirit of Samhitas, the style of presentation of this book is in question answer mode. It is pertinent to mention that most of the Samhitas and other scriptural texts in Indian traditions are seen to deliberate on the most subtle themes through debates, dialogues and question answers between the teacher and the taught. This style of expression makes the subject more explicit and relevant in practical settings. Even in modern times the study of a subject in question answer mode is becoming popular.

Creating queries and framing questions helps in unfolding the subject matter more vividly, easy to understand and to use the information in relevant perspectives. Many veteran teachers teach even the classes with the help of queries raised by students in class rooms. It is more satisfying to the student and is equally gratifying to the teacher. This creates a direct interface between a teacher and his students.

I was happy to find that the author of this book has succeeded to touch all range of the subject, from most preliminary to the most subtle designing simple questions and precise answers. I am sure, the book will not only help the postgraduate students to prepare for the competitive examinations, rather it will also help all teachers and students alike to learn the subject in real and relevant setting. This book is a source of rich tested information on Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is the science of living being. It is the product of civilization which is deeply rooted in mother nature. The ancients Ācāryas knew that all of nature is apart of the individual. Since we all are created from exist in and return to the nature. With this real fact, it is my pleasure to bring this book for the students and scholars of Ayurveda. The book is aimed primarily for the students of Ayurveda, but it may also be useful to others who wish to gain knowledge into the fundamentals of Ayurveda. The students are expected to review the whole subject for the preparation of any written test or interview or entrance test of Ayurveda, they go through classical text books of Ayurveda i.e. Brhattrayi and Laghutrayi. No doubt these books of Ayurveda have lot of information regarding concerning subject for the various examinations, but students have failed to achieve the ultimate target. Seeing the problem of students, this book is written to prepare the subject topics, the students must choose it, between reading the classical text books of Ayurveda. The entire spectrum of Ayurveda i.e. Sodaṣāngahrdyam is based on the view of Acharya Priya Vrat Sharma. These are Ayurveda Itihāsa, Padārtha Vijñāna, Racanā Śārira, Kriya Śarira, Dravyaguṇa, Rasaśāstra, Bhaiṣajya Kalpanā, Roga &Vikṛti Vijñāna, Kāyacikitsā with Svasthavṛtta, Pañcakarma, Agadatantra, Stri & Prasūti Tantra with Bālaroga, Śalya Tantra & Śālākya Tantra.

Inspire of this spectrum of aired, the book is also consists of multiple choice questions, glossary of the herbal drugs and Ayurvedic medicines, four sets of model papers and important verses of Ayurvedic texts.

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