Madhav and Kama A Love Story From Ancient India

Madhav and Kama A Love Story From Ancient India

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Book Specification

Item Code: IDF246
Author: A.N.D. Haksar
Publisher: Roli Books Pvt. Ltd.
Language: Translated From The Sanskrit
Edition: 2006
ISBN: 8186939245
Pages: 116
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.3" X 5.4"
Weight 170 gm

Book Description

From the Back of the Book:

This is the story of Madhavanala and Kamakandala. Madhav, a handsome and accomplished young man, is asked to leave his city of Pushpavati: has looks and singing so distract women that they neglect their work, and city folk are in uproar about it. Exiled, Madhav reaches the court of King Kama Sena, the ruler of Kamavati, where he meets the bewitching courtesan Kama. The two fall in love, but royal ire ensures that the lovers must part. A heartbroken Madhav takes shelter in a temple at Ujjain, the city of King Vikramaditya.

What can the great ruler do to assuage Madhava's Pain?
What does he do to reunite the lovers?

This is lively and colourful tale has an ending the matches its evocative language, startling metaphors and candid narration of love. In circulation since the twelfth century AD, Madhav & Kama has been translated from the original Sanskrit text readers in English for the first time.

Introduction IX
Prologue 1
The Ladies of Pushpavati 2
Madhavanala 5
The Test in the Assembly 7
Kamakandala 13
The First Meeting 15
The Banishment 23
Madhav and Kama 27
Love in Union 32
The Parting 40
Love in Separation 45
The King's Decision 68
Diplomacy and War 74
The Lovers Reunited 78
Epilogue 80
The Afterstory 81
Endnotes 84
List of Verse Renditions and Sources 93
About the Author 95

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