Madras Chennai- A 400- Year Record of The First City of Modern India (The Land, The People and Their Governance)

Madras Chennai- A 400- Year Record of The First City of Modern India (The Land, The People and Their Governance)

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Book Specification

Item Code: UAL083
Author: S. Muthiah
Publisher: Palaniappa Brothers, Chennai
Language: English
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788183794688
Pages: 536 (Throuhgout B/W Illustrations)
Other Details 11.50 X 8.50 inch
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Book Description

About The Book

This, the first of three volumes, is one part of what is probably the most comprehensive historical record of Madras that is Chennai. These three volumes that will provide A 400-year record of the First City of Modern India are the result of the effort of over 50 scholars whom the Association of British Scholars, Chennai Chapter, invited to contribute histories of their specialities. Most of the authors are members of the ABS, whose membership comprises those from Chennai who have spent time in the U.K. on studies.

Each of the three volumes of this title is a separate book by itself, titled separately, and providing the histories of subjects relevant to the respective titles. This book is titled The Land, The People & Their Governance and contains 17 articles on Geography, History, Religion, Governance and Law. The second book in the series will be titled Services, Education & the Economy and will have 19 chapters, while the third will be on Information, Culture & Entertainment and will have 17 chapters.

Together the three volumes will provide the most detailed look at Madras history published to date and will give the casual reader a wealth of information and the scholar a solid base from which to launch any research project. Written in an easy-to-read style, these books will make history enjoyable and not the dry-as-dust subject most people think it to be.

About the Author

S. Muthiah, the chronicler of Madras that is Chennai, was educated in Ceylon, India and the United States. After 18 years as a senior journalist with The Times of Ceylon Group, he returned to Madras to head a firm that printed and published maps, atlases and travel literature. Twenty years later he returned to journalism.

For two decades now he has been a freelance writer and columnist, editor of two Madras-focused journals, and an author of over 20 books. Most of these have concentrated on telling the stories of Madras and of some of its eminent personalities and best-known institutions. His books include, Madras Rediscovered, Madras-its Past and its Present, Madras - Gateway to the South. Getting India on the Move, The Spencer Legend, Looking Back from Moulmein, The Ace of Clubs, The Spirit of Chepauk and Born to Dare. Two large pictorial histories, The Chettiar Heritage and The Indo-Lankans, that look beyond Madras, have been well received internationally.

When not reading, writing and pursuing history, he teaches, lectures to international groups, and takes an enthusiast's watching interest in the Arts and Sport. An ardent conservationist and environmentalist, he was awarded the MBE for his work in these fields by the Queen of England in 2002.

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