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Make-Up Album

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Item Code: IHL676
Author: Richa Dave
Publisher: Navneet Publication Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN: 9788124322666
Pages: 176 (Illustrated Throughout in Full Color)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 9.5 Inch X 7.2 Inch
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Book Description

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My childhood started copying my mother a renowned beautician. By chance I had a Threading reel in my hand at the age of two and a half years. I copied my mother and I learnt Threading. While playing with a friend I did facial to her and thus learnt applying facial at the age of five. With the passing of time my mother’s work influenced me and her guidance made me a little beautician. Seeing the girls of the School for the blind I was inspired to do Makeup being blindfolded. Thus playfully I got Limca Book Award at an early age of thirteen.

Miss Richa Studies in Std. 11 in Asia English School. She has achieved an incredible place in the Limca Book of Records 2006 as the youngest Beautician. Once again she repeated this achievement in 2007 by performing an incredible task of doing Make-up and Hairstyle being blindfolded. She had already learnt threading at the age of two and a half years and Facial and Make-up at the age of five years. She is now 15 and has achieved expertise in Sareestyle Hairstyle and Bridal Make-up.

The programmes on Beauty Care Conducted by Miss Richa are telecast through Doordarshan ETV Zee news and NDTV frequently. Her presentation of Bridal Make-up being blindfolded in the presence of about 800 beauticians in the Town Hall in 2007 proved to be very encouraging for the beauty Professionals. Miss Richa has received many certificates in fine arts such as mehandi Painting, Craft, Etc. she is likely to find place in the Guinness book of world records for her achievements.


The technique of showing the natural beauty of a woman look more beautiful and attractive by using beauty products is called Make-up. The use of Make-up has been popular (famous) since Elizabethan Era (16th century). Beauty products like powder cream and lotion were used in the time of queen Victoria (19th century) too. In the past women used to apply Make-up on special occasions only. But with the change of time women have made their place in many fields. There they need to be more confident. Make-up helps to boost their confidence. It also adds to the beauty of a face. Make-up helps to hide or cover many facial problems. So make-up has become a necessity for a woman in this competitive and modern time. Before applying make-up it is very important know what type of make-up should be applied on what part to know the skin type etc. different types of make-up are applied on different occasions so a woman must be aware of this too.

This book explains in detail with the help of illustrations and attractive photographs about the basic techniques of applying make-up. Besides this books says in detail about the different products and different latest professional tools used in doing make-up eye make-up blusher techniques lip make-up, make-up according to the time and the occasion makeup according to the region and various types of make-up have been explained in minute details and with lots of attractive photographs.

Richa Dave is the daughter of Mrs. Urvashi Dave the proprietor of Jasmine Beauty Care Richa has achieved the credit of placing her name in the Limca book of Records in the year 2006 as the youngest beautician of India. Once again she found a place in Limca Book of Records in 2007 by performing an a incredible task of doing make-up and hairstyle being blindfolded. She has made a significant contribution in preparing this book. We are very thankful to her for her co-operation.


Section 1: The Basis of Make-Up
On the Basis of Face Type 5
Shading and Highlighting 6
Color Wheel 11
Section 2
Products Used in Make-Up 12
More about Concealer Series 20
Section 3
Latest and Professional Make-up Tools 22
Air Brush and Liquid Foundation 27
Section 4: Eye Make-Up
(1) Wide Set Eyes 30
(2) Close Set Eyes 31
(3) Deep Set Eyes 32
(4) Droopy or Down Sloping Eyes 33
(5) Prominent Eyes 34
(6) Small Eyes 35
Different Types of Make-Up 36
Different Types of Eyeliners 40
Section 5: Blusher Techniques
(1) Small Face 41
(2) Medium Face 42
(3) Big Face 42
Section 6: Lip Make-Up
(1) Thin Lips 43
(2) Thick Lips 44
(3) Droopy Lips 44
(4) Uneven Lips 45
(5) Even Lips 45
Photographs of the Lips 45
Section 7: Make-up according to the time and the occasion
1 Make-up according to the time
(1) Morning Make-up 46
(2) Evening Make-up 46
(3) Methods of Applying a Make-up 46
2 Make-up according to the Occasion
(1) Engagement or Ring Ceremony Make-up 48
(2) D.J. Party Make-up 52
(3) Mehandi Function of Applying a Make-up 56
(4) Sangeet Sandhya Make-up 60
(5) Garba Make-up 64
(6) Marriage Make-up 68
(7) Reception Make-up 72
Section 8: Make-up according to the the Region
(1) The Gujarati Bridal Make-up 76
(2) The Marathi Bridal Make-up 80
(3) The Marwadi Bridal Make-up 84
(4) The Muslim Bridal Make-up 88
(5) The Punjabi Bridal Make-up 92
(6) The Christian Bridal Make-up 96
(7) The Bengali Bridal Make-up 100
(8) The South Indian Bridal Make-up 104
(9) The Indo-Western Bridal Make-up 108
Section 9: Various types of Make-up
(1) The Child Make-up 112
(2) Urvashi Make-up 116
(3) The Model Make-up 120
(4) The Golden Make-up 124
(5) The Silver Make-up 128
(6) The Golden Silver Make-up 132
(7) The Bronze Make-up 136
(8) Apsara look Make-up 140
(9) 1960s-look Make-up 144
(10) The Senior Woman Make-up 148
(11) The Corrective Make-up- leucoderma 152
(12) The Corrective Make-up - Smudge 154
(13) Make over Make-up 156
(14) Innovative Make-up 162
(15) Navaratri Make-up 166
(16) Dancing Make-up 170
Pictures of the Varieties of peer and Bindis 172
Diet tips for Beauty care 176

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