Holy Tablets Compendium by Malachi Z york Egyptian Lodge Edition

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Very very very rare only several in existence 2ND EDITION  HOLY TABLETS COMPENDIUM with an updated stylish cover from the 1st rare limited Lodge MAster edition  700 more pages than 1st edition !!!

Here's a wonderful opportunity to own a very rare and unique Masters Lodge 2nd edition compendium of the Esoteric Holy Scriptures by Malachi Z York, Founder and Leader of the Nuwaubian Nation and Ancient Egyptian Fraternal Order. It's simply a COLLECTORS EDITION! This book was constructed for a private collector for Lodge use to a specific fraternal order for the purpose of having in 1 superb and elegantly designed binding the most sacred books of this fraternal order and nation.  This unequalled book is composed of some of the most prolific occulted truths concerning the Cosmic,Solar and planetary History as revealed by the Cosmic Masters and the Annunaki to a cosmic being named Malachi Z York from the Illyuwn Galaxy number 18 and the Panet Rizq.  It covers the original creation of the Creator, the Cosmos, the multiple dimensions, Universes and the varied beings that were created to govern each creation. It details the extensive history of the varied Cosmic Beings or so-called extra-terrestrials that travelled throughout the cosmos and then came to the planet earth. Some of the races discussed are called the Annunaki,Maldekians,Reptilians,Greys, Pleiadians, Orions, and much , much more. He renders the history of Mars, the creation of the moon of our planet, the production of other planets in the solar system . The single bound volume also covers unique topics such as  , Egyptian Hymns, Sacred Orders, mystical schools, 720 degrees of masonic wisdom, scientific, biological aspects of creation and mythological Lore. These books were lauded as being Divinely revealed scripture that was offered to the people of the Planet Earth to help them know the truth from the lies that has been circulated by corrupted humanity. This book clearly will have any serious collector spellbound for a lengthy amount of time with its unequalled page length !v

 This Master Lodge Edition comprises of the following titles 

1. The Holy Tablets which is 1731 pages  
2. The Black Book part 1 (Sacred Records of Neter: Aaferti Atum-Re ) 361 pages 
3. The Black book part 2  ( Sacred Records of Neter: Aaferti Atum-Re) 175 pages 
4. The Gold Book   ( The sacred tablets of Tama - Re ) Roughly 480 pages 

5. The Book of Light 33/720 degrees ( secret masonic occult book ) 297 pages

6. Your potential 125 pages

7. Holy Tabernacle Family Guide 221 pages

8. Wu- Nuwaupu Studies 1- 27 185 pages 



In all the book is over 3500 Pages bound in 1 book 

Black Leather Hard Cover Binding 
Sew in binding to ensure lasting binding
Black cover and end pages  
Gold Foil design on cover, spine.
Gold trimming on pages 
Black Satin  bookmarker 

The book is 10 lbs  9x6 inches  and 9 inches in thickness (from 1st page to last )

Not a carry book !!!

Please understand that there is some markings and scuff throughout the book but overall in great condition! Please give the item 30 days to be received after purchase! 


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