Malachi Z York,The Nuwaupian Nation ,Bundle pack

Malachi Z York,The Nuwaupian Nation ,Bundle pack

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1. The Message 
2. The Book of Memory 
3. The Book of Time 
4. The Book of Love 
5  Language Book 2
6. Language Book 3 

These particular set of books appears to be messages that were recorded from the Cosmic Beings called the Neteru ,Els, or also known as the Annunaki. The Author Malachi Z York whom says that he is from the 19th galaxy called  Illyuwn has offered communicated messages,as well as advice to his fellow brethren in a few of these booklets in this unique set.

Nice set but 1 of the red books are missing so there is a total 6 books in the set..(please note that 1 of the little red books are missing) 

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