मारफत सागर- Maraphat Sagar (The Eternal Recognition)

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Author: Raj Kumar Arora
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The followers of all religious believe that the rituals and path of worship, as prescribed in their holy books, lead to spiritual awakening. Ritualism means observing certain laid down rules in order to live in harmony with the surroundings and self, and devotions represents the understanding of these rules besides practicing them. Mahamati Prannath has extended this view further and postulated that rational approach to religion is to attain highest level of spiritual awakening, Called maaraphat, which is possible by understanding of the cause of every action. Self-realization is an advanced stage of spiritual life where one comes to know the truth of one's own existence.
According to Mahamati the self-realization shall generate enlightenment among the people of the entire world and remove increasing conflicts between the various religions thereby creating an atmosphere of peace. tranquillity and happiness for everyone. He has lald Foundation for setting up a Universal Religion based on the Integral knowledge of Tartam Gyan of self awakening.


In the entire collection of 14 books in Tartam Vani (also called Kuljam Saroop) there are two books with the word SAAGAR (meaning ocean) in their titles. The book named SAAGAR contains a vivid account of eight oceans of Paramdham (the Supreme Abode) related to the virtues of the supreme power based upon the metaphysical experiences of divinity and faith. The book under consideration here, Maaraphat Saagar, is focussed upon the subject of ocean of spiritual enlightenment leading to direct communication with Him. Here Mahamati Prannath has dealt with the important subject of complete recognition of the Lord Supreme appropriate to its title. The verses of this book ascended during the period 1748-51 V S i.e. till the day of departure of Mahamati from this perishable world. During the stay of last 11 years of his life at Panna (Padmavati Puri Dham) discourses were conducted by Mahamati twice every day in the morning and late in the evening. The audience-Sundersath, used to note down every word uttered by Mahamati. All other 13 books of Tartam Vani were completed during his lifetime but this last book was compiled by his prime disciple Keshav Das Ji soon after Mahamati left this world. It took him 2 months and 10 days for completing this work, concluding it on the day of Mahamati's birthday. It is mentioned in the beginning and the end of this book about this being the last among all volumes of the Tartam Vani to come to light.
A variety of topics concerned directly with the subject of the book are covered in an orderly manner section wise. All discussions are based on the different aspects mentioned in the holy Semitic scriptures. Sections. give a detailed description of dialogues that took place between the souls and the Lord in the Abode, the importance of spiritual knowledge of Tartam, oncoming of various sects and their beliefs, the three categories of souls and their ultimate destinations, the day of judgement (kayamat), the influence of Satan etc. The subject of appearance of Dabhatul Arja at the time of kayaamat and its description, as given in holy Koran, is clarified removing all doubts and quarries that are promulgated among the people at large. Accordingly the beginning of the first phase of bringing the divine message by Prophet Mohammad in Arabia, the process of awakening was further expanded explicitly by Rooh Allah- Devchandra Ji and Imam Mehedee- Mahamati Prannath by raising the flag of truth, reality and spirituality in India. The concepts of ritualism and egoistic approach are condemned and path of devotion and truth is preached. Many unexplained sayings of Koran have become clear through the teachings of Mahamati.


The ultimate stage of self awakening is the Maaraphat and this book Maaraphat Saagar is a treasure of knowledge concerning the variety of aspects related to this subject. In this the preaching of all major religions has been judiciously combined to lay the foundation of One Universal Religion.
Mahamati Prannath has said in these verses that all the four Semitic scriptures; namely Torah of Moses, Psalms (Zaboor) of David, Bible of Christ and Koran of Mohammad; and also four Vedas of Hindu religion have written a lot about the mystery of the last day of judgement (kayaamat) and given many different hints and signs of its happening. However all are in agreement that this act of resurrection is sure to take place when the Almighty himself will settle the fate of all the souls. The seven important signs of this final hour, as mentioned in Koran, Hadis and Bible; have been adequately interpreted by Mahamati in a very meaningful manner. The rising of dead from the graves is explained as the awakening of the soul from the dead mechanical life of ignorance. Similarly the other signs like appearance of Satan (Dajjaal), the rising of sun from the west etc are described as symbolic and their realistic understanding is discussed in this book.

**Contents and Sample Pages**

**Contents and Sample Pages**

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