Master Synchronic Code Book By Jose Arguelles Free PDF

Master Synchronic Code Book By Jose Arguelles Free PDF

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Master Synchronic Code Book 

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The Master Synchronic Code Book is a collective creation, with designers participating from 13 different countries. It is the definitive Noospheric Earth Wizard’s guide book – One Book containing a massive exposition of the codes of the synchronic order, in a comprehensive form in order to be used and studied daily. The Master Synchronic Code Book includes:

13 Moon Calendar from 2006-2013. 

A 104-year Galactic Ephemeris from 1909-2013

13:20 Basics (20 solar seals, Wavespell, Pulsars, etc.)

Cosmology of 20 (Vinals, Self-generating Meditation), including the 19=260 Codes

Cosmology of Seven

The Seven Major Arcanum of the Law of Time & Runes of the Elder Futhark
Seven Radial Plasmas & Seven Leaves of the Cube
Seven Moral Categories of Enlightened Behavior
Telektonon, 20 Tablets of the Law of Time and Rinri Project Codes
The MOAP, Mother of All Programs and MOAP II, Correct Laws of Thought
The Book of Harmony and Wisdom Cycles and much more. See product images to see the complete “Wavespell of Contents”

Note: Many new codes have been released since the time of the Master Synchronic Code Book – see Cosmic History Chronicles and the 441 Cube Matrix.

We thank The Law of Time Foundation for providing this free PDF!

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