Media Past, Present and Future

Media Past, Present and Future

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Item Code: UAL235
Author: Rekha Ajwani, Umesh Kumar Rai
Publisher: Shri Nataraja Prakashan, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9789386113443
Pages: 255
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About The Book

The new century initiates, encourages and encompasses under the domain and umbrella of various individual disciplines. numerous fields and areas uncharted and untouched so far along with the observation and analysis of the existing knowledge, contents, situations and challenges. In such a fluid scenario, it is absolutely essential that academicians and media persons both go through the issues. trends and challenges regarding the social structure, functioning of media and its impact on society. In the light of above observations, to analyze the role of media for the country and the society in due course of time and to predict its future framework, a national conference has been organised in the BSR Govt. Arts College, Alwar (Raj.) on the theme 'Media: Past, Present, Future'. The conference was ornamented by the academicians, scholars and media persons working in different geographical and cultural environs. They were there to evaluate the role of media in the process of development of the country in past, present and future. Three generations were there to discuss and examine the role of media in due course of time. The generation who experienced the tragedy of partition and the role of media in national movement along with the generation who opened their eyes in independent India and experienced the changing role of media from nationalist to sociolist and later on meterialistic and opportunist. We had the participation of youngest generation too there who is enjoying the political and social freedom and living in the environment created by our print and electronic media with all its positivity and negativity. Thus these three generations discussed the historical perspective of media as well as the approach of media towards various socio-political issues. Apart from this the academicians and media persons also tried to find out the reasons behind the negative aspect of media i.e. the constraints which are diverting media from its moral responsibilities. The intellectuals have also made fruitful efforts to find out the influences and future prospects of media. From the preface.


Media is the mean of communication that reaches or influences people. It is an important source of information and entertainment. It also provides a platform to exchange the ideas and to make conclusions after considering various aspects of any issue. It has always been the front runner in safegaurd freedom of speech and expression. It is playing an outstanding role in creating and shaping the public opinion and strengthening the society. It would be in the best interest of any country if media performs its role in the right sense and upholds the trust reposed by society in it. 15th century was the era when media came into existence in its modern form in different parts of the world and in 18th century media found its roots in India. In its initial years in India, the main aim of media was to provide a platform for the national movement against the British rule. The nationalist approach was exhibited along with political and social awareness, cultural and moral purity, women empowerment etc. through various newspapers and magzines. Thus print media was playing multidimensional role at that time but of course its main focus was upon the national goal-Independence of India. Later on after 1947 media has become very important in the process of development of a newly formed independent country India. It was the time when India was facing manifold problems at domestic as well as at international front and needed manifold solutions for them. Here media has started to play the role of fourth piller of democracy in this largest democratic system of the world. The missionary form of media was still the same as it was before independence, just issues have been changed. Earlier the prime focus was on the political freedom and now there were issues of self dependence in every field and ofcourse to stand with a strong spine at the international platform. The electronic media has also became important till now.

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