Modernisation and Ecology: A Gandhian Perspective

Modernisation and Ecology: A Gandhian Perspective

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Item Code: UAJ026
Author: Manoj Sinha
Publisher: National Book Organisation, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2021
ISBN: 8187521090
Pages: 129
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Book Description

About The Book

It is now widely acknowledged that the past 100 years of industrialization and technology has culminated in a strained ecological system that now threatens to effect every living organism. This is a subject of increasing research, and has also begun to gain interest among the public in general, as individuals are turning their attention to an issue that's close to home. Not just a 'baby' of the media, this issue is becoming so urgent, that there are now experts that work solely in the field of 'global warming' and scientists are drawing more findings that life in the 21st century in placing a retractable burden on the environment.
Our lives have evolved to such an extent, that it is an unthinkable alternative to resort to traditional means of getting from A to B individuals, communities, business we are so accustomed to modern devices and gadgets, that in order to search for a solution that relieves the earth and maintains. our current level of comforts and progression, we have to thank outside the square.
This research freshly analyses Gandhian thought to provide sound insights on humanity's relationship with nature in order to search for an alternative solution. "Man has now power to create life, therefore he has no right to destroy life" - Mahatma Gandhi was an environmentalist and believed in non-violence, not only within the sphere of humanity but also extending towards the usage of air, water and soil, naturally encompassing the plant and animal life.
This book would help researchers and students to further explore the synergies between modern life and the treatment of nature and environmental degradation, and it brings up some important question for further research.
The book is intended to cater to a wide range of people including policy makers, administrators, social workers and activists, it will one hopes, also stimulates innovative thinking and practice in the domain of environmental ethics and disaster management.

About the Author

Dr. Manoj Sinha (b. 1965) obtained his M.A. M.Phil. and Ph. D. Degrees in Political Science from the University of Delhi. He has been teaching Political Science and Public Administration at the undergraduate level at Ram Lal Anand (Eve.) College, University of Delhi since 1991 and has taught at the postgraduate level at Annamalai, Himachal and Delhi Universities since 1996.
His areas of specialization include Gandhian Thought, Political Theory and Environmental issues. He has also worked on Federalism in the Department of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A. He has presented a number of papers on Gandhian perspectives and environmental issues at various National and International Conferences.
He is an active member of the Indian Society for Gandhian Studies and is associated with a number of academic organizations. Currently Dr. Sinha is a member of the Academic Council of the Delhi University and an Executive member of the Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi. His academic works include a widely appreciated book on federalism titled "Cooperative Federalism in India and the U.S.A." (NBO, 1998).

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