The Moral Philosophy of Gandhi

The Moral Philosophy of Gandhi

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Item Code: UAM970
Author: Jaladhar Pal
Publisher: Gyan Publishing House, New Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 8121205247
Pages: 345
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Book Description

M.K. Gandhi is a constant irritant of Indian life in general. His immense influence on speech, thought and action of Indian life is beyond question. While "Gandhi Cap" commended respect in the pre-independence era, now it evokes suspicion because we have left the Gandhian path.

Thousands of books have been published on many aspects of Gandhi. But scant justice has been done to Gandhi, the moral scientist till today. This objective study presents the Gandhian moral concepts in a systematic, coherent and scientific way with a relevant reference to Oriental and Occidental moral philosophy. This study will cater the demands of those who are interested in Gandhian philosophy, especially in Gandhian ethics. Gandhi's moral ideas were relevant yesterday, its also relevant today, and these will be relevant tomorrow too because without moral values human race cannot survive.

Jaladhar Pal obtained his Master's and Ph.D degree from Calcutta University. He has contributed some articles in renowned journals of national repute. Currently he is a Reader in Philosophy. Ramthakur College, Agartala; and a guest-lecturer in the Department of Philosophy, Tripura University. At present the author is engaged in a post doctoral research on Gandhi, Marx and Nietzsche. **Contents and Sample Pages**

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