Mother, Father And Children: Practical Advice To Parents

Mother, Father And Children: Practical Advice To Parents

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Item Code: NAE287
Author: A.Furutan
Publisher: Baha’I Publishing Trust
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 9788186953365
Pages: 240
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.0 inch x 5.5 inch
Weight 300 gm

Book Description

About the Book

Originally published in Persian in 1960 under the title, Essays on Education, has became a widely used guide to childraising for parents in Iran. It is now being published in English for the first time.

How to train a child according to Bahá’i principles while dealing with a day-to-day problems: this is the subject of this immensely practical book. The Bahá’i reader will realize more than ever, some of the implications of the many references in the BaháI writings to child-training. The author approaches his subject with knowledge and zest, and his reader’s parents - with sympathy and with encouragement to enjoy their children, to take a moral stand, and above all, to realize that being a mother or father is an honourable activity.

About the Author

‘Ali-Akbar Furutan was born in Iran and accompanied his parents to Ishqábád, Russia, in April 1914, when he was nine years old. After his studies in the Bahá’I school in ‘Ishqábad, he taught there for four years, and then became the Principal of two schools and two kindergartens in that city. In 1926 he went to Moscow, where he took his degree at Moscow University in child psychology and education. In 1934 he was appointed Principal of the Tarbiyát School for Boys in Tihrán, and in that year was elected as member and Secretary of the first National Spiritual Assembly of Bahá’Is of Iran. He served in that capacity for twenty four years. He was appointed a Hand of the Cause of God in 1951 and with three fellow Hands of the Cause and four Counsellors, he was one of those who constitute the nucleus of the International Teaching Centre at the World Centre of the BaháI Faith and sewed there till his last breath as a resident Hand of the Cause.


This Book was written from my own experience as a child psychologist working with children and their mothers. It is a practical guide for mothers and fathers, not a scholarly presentation, although scholars and educators may perhaps find ideas in it which interest them. My intention was to help parents in their daily efforts to carry out the difficult task of training a child.

In writing the book I made use of ideas gathered from a study of the Bahá’i writings, the Bible, the Qur’ãn, philosophers such as Locke, Rousseau, Kant, Darwin, and Spencer, and the educationalists and child psychologists of our own day. I have not listed all the titles, but parents who are interested will be able to find a wealth of helpful information available from bookshops and libraries.

Originally written in Persian, the book has been edited for the Western reader. I should like to express my warm thanks to the translators, Katayoon and Robert Crerar, and to Mahnaz Aflatooni, who translated the extracts from Persian Poetry. I should also like to thank the proof-readers, Ginnie Busey, Steve Eddy, Rustom Sabit, and Stephen Tomlin.


Foreword IX
1 Six Educational Counsels 1
The Necessity of agreement between parents 2
The childhood years and the force of habit 6
Parents words and deeds are children's examples 11
Self-control 14
Keeping promises made to children's 16
The effects of deceit on children 19
2 Respect Gor Children 23
Avoid harsh treatment 25
Verbal abuse, threats, and physical punishment 28
The effects of frightening children 35
Moderation in joking 37
Overlook trivial wrongdoings 40
3 Methods of Dealing With Children 44
The mistake of treating children like grown-ups 45
Children's Demands 48
Children's as witnesses 51
Children's questions 56
Children's lies 58
Selfishness in children 62
4 Some Common Problem 66
Stubbornness 66
Secretive behaviour 69
Jealousy and rivalry 75
Dealing with tale-bearers 77
Spoilt children 80
Temper tantrums 83
Inactive children 86
5 Practical Considerations For Parents 90
Height and weight 94
Safeguarding children's eyesight 95
Burdening children's memories 96
Fatigue 98
Avoid evening visits with children 102
Summer holidays and their importance for children 104
Nervous children 107
Heredity 110
6 Children And Freedom 116
Street corners and back alleys 118
Choose good companions 122
Alcohol 124
Cinema and television 127
The importance of suitable books for children 132
7 Fostering The Development of Children 138
The responsibility of the mother 141
The importance of a close relationship between parents and children 142
Friendship between mothers and children 145
The consequences of neglecting children's training 147
Safeguarding the dignity of the mother 150
Contributions of the father 153
The difficult years 155
Consultation with adolescents 163
8 Training Children in The Spirit of Religion 164
Fear of god 167
Backbiting 170
Hypocrisy and dissimulation 172
Respect for parents 175
9 A Well-Trained Mind 180
Perception and recognition 181
Memory 183
How he memory works 184
Diseases of the memory 191
Different kinds of memory 193
What is a good memory 194
Training and developing the memory 195
Knowledge of science is helpful 179
10 Moral and Social Training 206
Obedience 206
Discipline and order 209
The importance of work for children 213
Strengthening the conscience 216
Explaining moral subjects 221
Teaching children manners 224
Bibliography 228
References 230

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