Muslim Separatism (Causes and Consequences)

Muslim Separatism (Causes and Consequences)

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Item Code: NAM750
Author: Sita Ram Goel
Publisher: Voice of India, New Delhi
Edition: 2020
ISBN: 9788185990262
Pages: 137
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
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Book Description

About the Author

Born in 1921, Sita Ram Goel took his M.A. in History in 1944, from the University of Delhi. He won scholarships and distinctions in school as well as college.

Well-versed in several languages, he has studied the literature, philosophy, religion, history and sociology of several cultures-ancient, medieval and modern. For his judgements and evaluations, however, he draws his inspiration from the Mahabharata the Suttapitaka, Plato and Sri Aurobindo.

He has written several documented studies on Communism, Soviet Russia, Red China, Christianity and Islam. Author of eight novels, he has translated into Hindi quite a few books from English, including some dialogues of Plato and a biography of Shivaji. His other works include compilations from the Mahabharata and the Suttapitaka.

Having become a convinced Communist by the time he came out of college, he turned against this criminal ideology in 1949 when he came to know what was happening inside Soviet Russia. From 1950 onwards he participated in a movement for informing the Indian people about the theory as well as the practice of Communism is Stalin's Russia and Mao's China. The numerous studies published by the movement in the fifties exist in cold print in many libraries and can be consulted for finding out how the movement anticipated by many years the recent revelations about Communist regimes.

1 The Two Behaviour Patterns 1
Stale Studies of Partition 1
A Breath of Fresh Breeze 3
The Muslim Behaviour Pattern 3
The National Behaviour Pattern 5
No Warning Voices 6
2 The National Territorial Tradition 8
Bharatavarsha Becomes a "Multitude of Different Countries" 9
Cultural Unity versus Political Unity 9
The Character of Political Unity 12
Defence of the North-Western Frontier 13
Surrender of a Vital Principle 14
3 The National Historical Tradition 16
Paralysis at the Time of Partition 16
Degeneration Due to Distored Vision 17
The National Version of Indian Vision 18
Hindus Remembered Only their Own Heroes 19
The Western Version of Indian History 20
4 The Business of Bleming the British 24
Islam and Hindu Society 24
A Slogan Borrowed from the British 26
The Same Slogan is Still Current 26
A Welcome Departure 27
Failure of British Policy on all Other Fronts 28
Faulty Perceptions of National Leadership 28
5 The Frustration of Islam in India 30
Hindu and Muslim 'Revivalism' 32
Two Versions of Medieval Indian History 32
The Prison-House of Islamic Theology 33
The Piety of Islam 34
The 'Spiritual Mission' of Islam 36
6 Islamic Atavism Renamed Muslim Revivalism 38
Walliulah's Recipe for Re-establishing Islam 38
Atavism is not Revivalism 40
An Outline of Islamic Crusadein India 42
Common Characteristics of Islamic Theologians 44
Most Sufis were Hard-Hearted Fanatics 45
Appendix 47
7 Journey from Jihad to Jee-Huzuri 57
The Double-Faced Deceiver 57
Anti-British Jihad Always Ended as Anti-Hindu 58
Islamic Theologians do a Right-About Turn 64
8 National Resurgence Reviled as Hindu Revivalism 67
Message of Maharshi Dayananda 68
Bankim Chandra Chatterjee 69
Swami Vivekananda 70
Sri Aurobindo 71
The National Vision Gets Vitiated 72
The Terminological Swindle 73
The Blind Alley 73
The Transvalution of Values 75
The Only Way Out 75
9 Loss of Privileges Portrayed as Privation 76
The New Posture of Islamic Imperialism 76
Muslims Insist on Cow-Slaughter 77
No Music Before the Mosque 78
Uproar over Urdu 79
Urdu had Remained a Foreign Language 81
Yet Urdu Won a Victory 82
10 The Separatist Sewer Pollutes the National Mainstream 84
There was No New Breeze among Muslims 84
Causes of Muslim Bitterness Against the British 85
Muslim Stage an Anti-Climax 87
National Leadership Walks into the Trap 89
A New Stage in the National Movement 89
11 The Behaviour Pattern Patented by Islam 93
Rabindranath on Hindu-Muslim Unity 96
Lala Lajpat Rai on the Same Theme 96
Sarat Chandra Sums up the Subject 97
Hindu Failure to Understand Islam 97
It is Islam That Separates the Muslims from the Hindus 98
The Essence of Islam 99
12 Plea for a Historical Perspective 101
The Basic and the Big Mistake 101
The Foreign Fraternity 102
Hindus could have Wiped out Islam Residues Islamic Imperialism in Different Roles 104
The Tragedy of National Leadership 106
Voice of Warning 107
Secularism: The New Smoke-screen 108
The Only Way Out: An Awakwned Hindu Society 109
Islamic Manifesto for India 111
Index 120

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