My Beloved Baba

My Beloved Baba

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Item Code: UAN980
Author: Bhoomananda Tirtha
Publisher: Narayanashrama Tapovanam, Kerala
Language: English
Edition: 2011
ISBN: 9789380695075
Pages: 199 (B/W Illustrations)
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About The Book

This is an exceptionally open narration of significant events and developments in the spiritual life and pursuit of Baba Gangadhara Paramahamsa (Poojya Swamiji's Gurudev) as well as of Swamiji himself. In the background of interesting episodes, rare Guru-sishya dialogues and interactions, Poojya Swamiji has exposed deep and sublime truths so essential for any sincere seeker, yet rarely discussed with frankness and fidelity.

After Baba attained Mahasamadhi on 27 April 1979, Poojya Swamiji started writing about Baba in our monthly journal "Vicharasetu the Path of Introspection". The series of articles published under the title "The Body Falls but He Remains Immortal" depicted the life of Baba as a rare kind of 'aggressive' sadhaka, and later as an equally rare, loving Sadguru.

In February 1995, to commemorate Baba's birth centenary, we started republishing the articles - an edited version - under the title "My Beloved Baba". The old series discussed Baba's spiritual growth under his Gurudev, and his final blossoming as a Knower Guru. After the republication of the old articles was completed, we requested Poojya Swamiji to write about his own spiritual growth and fulfillment under the guidance of Baba, particularly highlighting the significant notes in their Guru-sishya relationship, and the memorable guidelines received from Baba on different occasions. In the book, Part-I and Part-II mark the first and the second phase of writing.

The book "My Beloved Baba", containing all these articles, was first published in October 1997. In spite of keen response from the readers, the book has been out of stock for more than a year now.


More than four decades back, I happened to see an old man at Calcutta. I did not know that he was a Jnani or a Saint. But I liked him immensely. As I prostrated before him, my brother who was standing nearby, requested him to bless me for attaining Brahma jnana. As I got up after prostration, the old man held my head lovingly in his hands and kissed my forehead. This was the beginning of my contact with Baba.

A simple and innocent person that I was, my heart seemed to like simplicity and innocence as the most adorable virtues, and Baba was an embodiment of these virtues. Physically very thin, he was a man of simple habits. One would not have found any strangeness in his ways. He was a childlike soul, and in being so, he represented God and Divinity in the most approachable and endearing form.

There may be many for whom mystic or supernatural powers exhibited by a Saint make intense appeal. But, to me these powers have always appeared too misleading and meaningless. Fortunately, I have never noticed in my Baba any of these powers or even the slightest inclination towards them. Four decades have passed since I met Baba first. Great changes have taken place in my life, experience and knowledge. Bending my head low before this human God of mine, I should boldly say that it is not the display of supernatural powers or mystic behaviour that contributes to make one a Mahatma or a Guru. A Mahatma or a Guru is one to whom you can look for guidance, enlightenment and consolation in an attitude of love, freedom and reliance. All others may disown you, but the Guru will not.

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