Mystic Tales

Mystic Tales

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Item Code: AZH195
Author: Aditi Das
Publisher: ADITI DAS
Language: ENGLISH
ISBN: 9798885303538
Pages: 320
Other Details 8.5x5.5 INCHES
Weight 312 gm

Book Description

About The Book

Welcome to the land of Mystics!! Bharat Do you like reading about the ancient Puranas and other ancient Hindu philosophies?

The Mystic tales is a compilation of short stories from the ancient Puranas. The book aims to empower our modern mystics by sharing ancient wisdom through several short stories and folklore. Mystics from across the world have time and again showed us a very different reality and their perception of this world. Several ancient scriptures and texts have been written to provide ideological guidance to humans. However, most of the knowledge has been lost somewhere. Considering modern times people hardly get time to go through these elaborate scripts. These scriptures are nothing less than a fortune hidden in some ancient cave. Sooner we have access to this knowledge, the better we are equipped to lead our lives.

About the Author

Mystic Tales has been written by Aditii Das. Being spiritually inclined from a very young age, Aditii wants to share the ancient wisdom with the modern world. She is on a mission to empower the modern mystics and help them get in touch with their base.

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