Natural Home Remedies: For Common Ailments

Natural Home Remedies: For Common Ailments

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Item Code: IDE985
Author: H.K. Bakhru
Publisher: Orient Paperbacks
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 8122201792
Pages: 232
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 7.0" X 4.7"
Weight 180 gm

Book Description

From the Jacket :

Astonishingly effective natural treatments & remedies now supported by scientific & medical research
Garlic to prevent heart attack, lower blood pressure, and treat sinusitis
Raw Potato Juice to treat rheumatic and arthritic conditions
Honey & Indian Gooseberry an effective medicinal tonic for treatment of asthma
Bitter Gourd & Jambul Fruit to control and lower sugar levels in diabetes
Lettuce, Spinach Juice & Coconut Milk three natural ways to prevent hair loss
Rosemary, Brahmi Booti, Sage & Almonds natural substances to improve your brain power
Bael, Papaya & Figs fruits that cure constipation
Corn, Wheat, Oat and Barley Seeds contain essential vitamins and energy creators to counter fatique.

About the Author :

H.K. Bakhru enjoys countrywide reputation as a nuturopath and popular writer. A member of the Nature Cure Practitioners' Guild, he has made extensive studies on herbs and natural methods of treating diseases. In recognition of his dedication and outstanding contribution in the fields of alternative medicine, he has been honoured with 'Lifetime Achievement Award' by the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, Kolkata.

His well-researched books on nature curd, nutrition, and herbs include Foods That Heal, Herbs That Heal, Natural Home Remedies for Common Ailments, Health: The Natural Way, A Complete Handbook of Nature Cure, Diet Cure for Common Ailments, A Handbook of Natural Beauty, Nature Cure for Children's Diseases, and Natural Health for the Elderly. In addition, his articles on nature cure, helath, nutrition, and herbs appear regularly in newspapers and magazines.

He spends his retired life furthering the cause of nature cure and charitable activities under the auspices of D.H. Bakhru Foundation, a public charitable trust founded and funded by him. He can be contacted at Flat 602, Building 9, Indus Cooperative Housing Society, MHADA HIG Complex, Oshiwara, Andheri (W), Mumbai-400 053. Tel: 639 8779, Fax: 639 8825.


Acne 9
Alcoholism 11
Allergies 13
Amnesia 16
Anaemia 18
Anorexia (Loss of Appetite) 21
Appendicitis 23
Arteriosclerosis 25
Arthritis 28
Asthma 31
Backache 34
Boils 36
Bronchitis 39
Cataract 41
Chicken Pox 44
Cholera 46
Cirrhosis of the Liver 49
Colitis (Inflammation of the Colon) 51
Common Cold 53
Common Fever 56
Conjunctivitis 58
Constipation 61
Corns 63
Coronary Heart Disease 65
Cough 67
Cystitis 70
Dandruff 72
Defective Vision 74
Depression 76
Diabetes Mellitus 79
Diarrhoea 82
Dropsy 86
Dysentery 87
Dyspepsia 90
Earache 92
Ear Discharge 94
Eczema 95
Epilepsy 97
Fatigue 99
Female Sterility 102
Gall-Bladder Disorders 104
Gastritis 106
Goitre 108
Gout 110
Halitosis (Bad Breath) 112
Headache 114
High Blood Cholesterol 116
High Blood Pressure 119
Hysteria 122
Influenza 124
Insomnia 126
Intestinal Worms 129
Jaundice 132
Kidney Stones 135
Leucoderma 138
Leucorrhoea 140
Loss of Hair 143
Low Blood Pressure 145
Low Blood Sugar 148
Malaria 150
Measles 152
Menopausal Disorders 154
Menstrual Problems 156
Migraine 160
Mumps 163
Nephritis (Inflammation of Kidneys) 164
Neuritis (Inflammation of the Nerves) 166
Obesity 168
Palpitation 170
Peptic Ulcer 172
Piles 175
Pneumonia 178
Premature Greying of Hair 180
Prostate Disorders 182
Psoriasis (Scaly Disorder of the Skin) 185
Pyorrhoea 187
Rheumatism 189
Ringworm 191
Scurvy 193
Sexual Impotence 196
Sinusitis 198
Sore Throat 200
Stress 203
Tonsillitis 205
Toothache 207
Tuberculosis 209
Underweight 213
Urticaria 215
Varicose Veins 217
Warts 219
Whooping Cough 221

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