New Harappan Discoveries in Haryana

New Harappan Discoveries in Haryana

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Item Code: UAM997
Author: Dr. D. P. Sharma
Publisher: Prachya Vidya Bhawan, Varanasi
Language: English
Edition: 2019
ISBN: 9789387306103
Pages: 170
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Book Description

These book "THE NEW HARAPPAN DISCOVERIES IN HARYANA, includes Harappan excavate is Haryana. There we 16 ster which were excavated uit 2018 Present Auther has written & ediled 72 books in which 39. books are on Harappan Corigin of pre-Early KN. Dakshin and R. Mabi According to Harappan begin around 76 millennium BC. al Bhutans, Ralligarhi, Mehrgarh, Kunal and other ses, This book includes papers on Early, Mature And Late Harappan in Haryana by Man Mohan Kumar & Amar Singh, New Excavations at Mitarhal, (Haryana) VS. Shinde, AKnori Uess and Manmohan Kumar, Excavation at Harappan Site Rakhigarhi by Amrendra Nath, Harappans at Banswali by RS. Bisht Excavations ar Bhirana by LS Rao, Kinal Early Harappan Site in Lost Sararwati Region by Acharya, Exploration of Harappan sites in Rohtak by Manmoham Kunst, Excavation at Badali, Haryana by R.C. Thakatan, Amar Singh. Excavations at Late Harappan Durj-Fatehabad by RN. Singh, Excavation at Harappan site Madina by Man Mohan Kumar, Balu Excavated Harappan sites in Haryana by Arun Kesarwani, Omaments From Kiinal In Upper Saraswati by DP Sharma, Omaments From Bhagwanpur by DP. Sharma, Harappan Tim And Copper Metallurgy at Khanak by RN. Singh, A. Ranjan Haruppan Crafts at Manheru by RC. Thakaran, Mature Harappan Durials At Farmana by VS. Shinde

Dr. D.P. Sharma is an Archaeologist, Museologist and Art Historian. He did his M.A. in Ancient Indian History Culture & Archaeology form Allahabad University and D phil research on Art and Architecture of Lower Ganga-Yamuna Doab Region from University of Allahabad. From 1980 to 1985 he was working as Antiquities Registering officer at Allahabad and Varanasi Regions. During 1983-84 he was awarded commonwealth scholarship and he qualified M.A. Archaeology from the Institute of Archaeology University of London. He did excavation at Sussex (U.K.) and Pincenvent (France) under Dr. Mark Newcomer and Prof. Gourhan. During 2003-04. He did excavation at Sterkfontein cave in South Africa, under R.J. clark, Where 3.3 M. old Australopithecus skelton was discovered. Since 1985-2005 he had been working as head of Harappan and prehistoric collection of National Museum, New Delhi. In 2005 become Associate Professor & H.O.D. Museology in National Muscum Institute (Deemed University). Dr. Sharma has published 220 Papers and 71 Books in which few new are given below: Early Harappan and Indus Sarasvati Civilization Vol. I & II, Harappan Art, Prehistoric Art and Archaeology Vol. I, Gupta Classical Art, Mauryan Art, Harappan Minor Art & Crafts, Harappan Jewellery, Harappan. Terracotta, Harappan Seals, Harappan Potteries, Garunda in Asian Art, Copper Hoard Weapons of South Asia, Harappan Script on its way to Decipherment, Harappan Science & Metal Technology, Archaeology of Lower Doab, Vol. 1 & II, Lost Sarswati Civilization, Bharat Ka Puratattva (Hindi) and Roots of South Asian Art. He was working As Director in Bharat Kala Bhavan Museum of Banaras Hindu University, at present he is visiting Professor Archacology in Amity University Noida & various Other University in India, Archacological Department and other Institutions. At present he is working on research project on roots of symbol in Sindhu Sarswati Civilization.

This book "The New Harappan Discoveries In Haryana" Covers, Harappan site in Haryana which were excavated till 2018.This book have 16 papers. Earlier S.P. Gupta & B.B. Lal edited book Frontier of Indus Valley civilization and later on G.L. Possehl wrote his book The Indus Age beginning. These two books are heaviest among the all the books on Harappan Civilization published so far. After that DP. Agarwal also wrote book on Indus Vally Civilization. These three book of G.L. Possehl, DP. Agarwal, S.P. Gupta and B.B. Lal on Harappan Civilization are unsurpassed. S.P. Gupta and B.B. Lal were teachers of present Author and under their guidance he had organized, Harappan Gallery in National Museum, New Delhi during 2001-2000.

Present author has written and edited 72 books in which more than 39 are on Harappan Civilization. The books of G.L. Posschl and S.P. Gupta became model of present publiction and author is much impressed by the work done by these senior scholars on Harappan Archaeology. All new excavations which appears in this book are mostly located in Haryana.

During 1862-65 A.D. Alexander Cunningham had discovered minor Harappan Art objects like seals, and terracotta fragments from Harappa. In 1917 LP. Tessitori excavated Kalibangan and got Early and Mature Harappan material. Mohenjodaro was excavated during 1921 and later on John Marshall disclosed about existence of "Indus Civilization". Mohenjodaro and Harappa excavations reports were published by J. Marshall, Mackay and M.S. Vats respectively. These volumes have first descriptive record of Harappan art and crafts. Lothal was excavated by S.R. Rao. in 1955 and from 1960 to 1969 Kalibangan was excavated by B.B. Lal and its excavation reports of Vol. I has been published. Since 1980 to 1990 Mehrgarh and Nausharo were excavated by J.F. Jarrige and large number of Harappan Terracotta were reported from these sites. Mehrgarh is large Harappan site and cover area of 300 hectares. In recent years Rakhigarhi, Kunal, Banwali, Bhirrana, Baror, Juni kuran, Padri and Kuntasi were excavated and various Harappan art objects from different layers of habitation were found at these sites. Harappa was re-excavated by J.M. Kenoyer during 1990 onward whereas Dholavira was excavated by R.S. Bisht and both are important Harappan towns.

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