The Nuclear Question & Coercive Diplomacy

The Nuclear Question & Coercive Diplomacy

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Item Code: UAJ060
Author: Sanjeev Kumar
Publisher: National Book Organisation, Delhi
Language: English
Edition: 2021
ISBN: 9788187521260
Pages: 365
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Book Description

About The Book

The Nuclear Question and Coercive Diplomacy" is a pioneer work in the field of International Politics. In this elaborately documented book Dr. Kumar makes an intensive analysis of one of the most turbulent and critical period in the history of india Pakistan relations. The book start against the backdrop of the nuclear tests conducted by India and Pakistan in 1998. These nuclear tests brought fundamental changes in the security scenario in South Asia. These tests accelerated a new era of arms race between India and Pakistan. Apart of this, cross border terrorism which comes out as the biggest roadblock in the peace negotiations between the two entities has been analysed in detail. During the period (1998-2012), India witnessed some of the biggest and worst terrorist attack in the different parts of the country, Kargil Crisis (1999), Parliament attack (2001), Samjhauta Express bombings (2007), Mumbai attack (2008) are to quote a few. These attacks further worsened the bilateral relations of both countries.
Against the backdrop of the fore goings, the author makes a thorough probe into various issues which surfaced during the period under review between the two countries such as, the nuclear issue. The Siachen Glacier dispute and cross border terrorism in Kashmir and other parts of the country. The author also makes certain suggestions for improving Indo Pakistan relations especially by initiating some genuine and sincere confidence building measures, more people to people contact, and increased trade and commercial interactions.
This compelling and comprehensive book win be of great interest and use to the scholars and students of international politics and also to the politicians and the shapers of the foreign policy of the land.

About the Author

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar has a brilliant academic achievement in the field of Political Science. He has completed his M.A. and Ph.D. in Political Science from Magadh University, Bodh-Gaya, Bihar. He is also a Law graduate from the same university. Besides this, his several articles on a variety of topics have also been published in prestigious national journals and periodicals like, Bihar Journal of Public Administration (DPA, Bihar Regional Branch), Hindustan Review, etc.
Currently Dr. Kumar is associated with several research works related to Social. Political and Legal issues.

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