Occult 7 Channeled lessons Louis Morse Mediumship

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Louise Morse Fellowship  Mid–Winter Retreat 1969-70, 7 lessons #463, 4  / 467 to 470 / 474 = 7 lesson   
Please note: in photo on index page the titles present are those checked off. 
All are 8.5” x 11” page format.
See photos for lesson titles.
(In a soft flexible plastic 3 hole binder)  9” x 12”,  pages 70
Good, front 2 pages weak hole support, otherwise all else clean and white pages with no noticeable defects. 
Please note this was skimped through because of extensive time needed to turn each page. I do suppose there is a very small chance that a page or two may show a very minor defect. 
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Morse Fellowship 
The Morse Fellowship was a channeling group founded in 1959 by Louise Morse, who channeled an entity she termed the "Holy Spirit." The organization was named for her husband, Elwood Morse, who had died in 1958. She saw her work as a fulfillment of biblical prophecies of the last days. Through the 1970s the group was headquartered in Richardson, Texas. 
A Rare Find

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