Office Fables for Today's Manager

Office Fables for Today's Manager

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Item Code: AZE846
Author: Rakhshanda Jalil
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9788189738099
Pages: 112 (Throughout B/w Illustrations)
Other Details 8.00x5.00 inch
Weight 120 gm

Book Description

About the Book
Office Fables brings you a collection of inspirational stories that are simple and easy to read. Most of the stories here are short, seldom more than a page long. They depend not so much on transferring large amounts of information to the reader but more on catalyzing understanding.

These stories take just a minute to read but their effect is long lasting. They compel you to pause, reflect and carry the message through the day. These are not feel good eulogies but a collection of stories that carries a kernel of business intelligence. You will find something in Office Fables that speaks to you that supports, inspires and energizes you to improve the quality of life at work and, in the process, grow and develop.

About the Author
RAKHSHANDA JALIL is a Delhi-based writer and editor. She has written several books on management, family businesses, grooming and self-help. At present, she works as Media Coordinator, Jamia Millia Islamia.

Stories have the power of ascending to the particular from the universal. They provide make it easier to internalize lessons of leadership and experience. They are much, much more effective in influencing people than "facts". Stories carry condensed wisdom of the ages. and can be for introducing change. They pack punch in a few lines that a lengthy lecture may deliver.

Stories, unlike logic, are not stopped dead by difficulty or contradiction. Stories thrive on conflict, on clashes of differing wills, on difficulties, on inconsistencies, on the very fault lines of society. We know instinctively that it is in these very fault lines that the keys to the living future lie. We intuitively grasp that this is where innovation comes from. In a nutshell, a story is encapsulated knowledge. A simple story, well told and simply written, can be worth more than a thousand lectures. A story can sometimes serve as a springboard; it can jump-start your thought processes compelling you to take immediate action when all else fails to inspire.

In giving you this collection of stories, we are trying to give you a new way to make things happen.

Most of the stories here are short, seldom more than a page long. So they depend on their impact not so much on transferring large amounts of information, but through catalyzing understanding. They enable readers to visualize from a story in one context what is involved in an analogous context.

My intention is not to deliver feel-good eulogies but to put together a collection that carries a kernel of business intelligence.

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