Ornaments of Orissa

Ornaments of Orissa

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Book Specification

Item Code: UAN647
Author: Thomas Donaldson
Publisher: B.R. Publishing Corporation
Language: English
Edition: 1946
ISBN: 9788176460316
Pages: 330 (With Black and White Illustrations)
Other Details 11.00 X 8.50 inch
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Book Description

About The Book

This book has been organised into numerous chapters with multiple sections for the sake of easy access in regard to period, figures and individual ornaments. Chapter 1 gives descriptions of adornment gleaned from later texts. Chapters 2 and 3 provide textual descriptions of adornment for specific male and female deities respectively in an attempt to determine which ornaments may be peculiar to each. Chapter 4 is devoted to adornment on Orissan images from the earliest times to the Bhauma period. Beginning with Chapter 5 and the widespread production of images throughout the State, a more systematic approach is introduced. The complete adornment for select individual male and female figures is described. Chapter 5 is devoted to the Bhauma period, Chapter 6 to the Somavamsi period and Chapter 7 to the Ganga period and later. Chapters 8 and 9 are devoted to the adornment peculiarities of individual male and female deities respectively.

About the Author

Thomas Donaldson is a senior academician and a scholar of note. He has worked as a Professor in Cleaveland State University in the Art Department. He has contributed several articles in reputed journals besides a tome-Hindu Temple Art of Orissa in 3 Volumes.

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