Panorama of Proverbs

Panorama of Proverbs

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Item Code: IDH519
Author: Sir Bejai Singh
Publisher: Nag Publisher
Edition: 1984
Pages: 222
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.5" X 5.6"

Book Description

From the Jacket

Like mother land the mother tongue is the image of the mother of the universe. No improvement of nation can be rendered wholly perfect, unless the mother tongue is improved. Nay, religion of nation cannot be fully developed, prosperity cannot quickly crown a nation, knowledge cannot fully manifest itself in the country, national sentiments cannot be preserved intact, the glory of native land can not be preserved, nor can be speedily attain temporal advancement, spiritual elevation as well as redemption, unless the mother tongue be preserved and improved. As the Sutras of the holy Scriptures are intimately connected with the intellect, so are the popular sayings of language closely associated with the mind. As many profound ideas relating to domain of intellect are expressed by the small aphorisms, so are the profound ideas relating to the domains of mind expressed by proverbs current in the language.

Taking allegorically popular saying is the conveyance of the Goddess mother tongue. This indeed, is the correct interpretation of the matter.

This work Kahawat Ratnakar, first part of Panorama of Proverbs has been published with a view to serve the mother tongue, Hindi. These sayings have been collected through the assistance of many savants. Sayings in Hindi as well national language are the main factor in this work; and as matters of subsidiary importance sayings have likewise been culled from Sanskrit or rendered into Sanskrit in several instances. For the sake of convenience, sayings have also been culled from English or Urdu or translated in either of these languages. Care has been taken to gleen, as far as possible corresponding proverbs from the Arabic and Persian also.

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