Physical Mediumship by Clifford Bias

Physical Mediumship by Clifford Bias

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Clairvoyance and Clairaudience,

Physical Mediumship,

Table Tilting and Turning,

Ouija Board and Planchette,

Automatic Writing,


Solar Plexus,

Trumpet Mediumship,

What Mediumship Is,

Modus Operandi Of Voice Mediumship,

How To Develop,

Proper Procedure For Students,

What Every Student Should Know,

Preceptor's Note,

Séance Room Construction,

Séance Decorum,


Publishers Note: Modern American Spiritualism gratefully acknowledges Pauline Swann for her permission to reprint this booklet and also to T. Ernest Nichols for his  love and dedication to Clifford Bias and the cause of modern Spiritualism.

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