The Pioneers of Scientific Spirituality

The Pioneers of Scientific Spirituality

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Item Code: NAE156
Author: Dr. Pranava Pandya
Publisher: Shri Vedmata Gayatri Trust, Shantikunj, Haridwar
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 8182550432
Pages: 182
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
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Book Description

About the book

A god medallist (in MD, medallist) from MGM medical college, Indore Dr, Pranav pandya qualified for US medical Shiriram Sharma Acharya he gave up the lucrative offer and stayed in India for altrusistic cause. He joined the Yug nirman mission at shantikunj as the Director bramavarchas research institute in 1978. Under the noble guidance of Acharya ji he laid the foundation of pioneering work in bringing science and spirituality together.

He intiated path breaking research studies on Ayurveda psychology, yogyopathy and therapeutic benefits of Meditation and ptanayam. He carried out deep study and research in Indian Scriptures and co-authored many books on scientific spirituality during the years 1978 to 1990 in close proximity of Acharyji.

As the global head of all word Gayatri Pariwar he has established branches in nearly 80 countires. In continuance of his efforts he has presented scientific aspect of Indian culture to the Parliament of worlds religion in 1993 he has addressed joint session of house of lords and house of commons in UK in February 1992.

He has been conferred the Gyan Bharati award in 1998 by Prabhu Premi sangh Ambala for distinguished services to society and the Hindu of the year 1999 award by F.I.A. (federation of Indian Association) for dissemination of Indian culture aborad. He has also been honoured with Bharti Shri Hanuman Prasad Rastraseva samman by Barabazaar library organisation of Kolkata in 2001.

Dr. Pandya is the Editor of the prestigious magazine Akhand joyti (Hindu) presenting the scientific aspect of spirituality the magazine is also published in different languages including English. It has more than 6.5 lakh subscibers. His untiring effort manifested into a unique university dev sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya in the year 2002 that is fulfilling the dire need of fusion of education with spitituality.


1 The Super Science Gifted By Vedic Rishis 7
2 Incessant Jouney of Scientific Investigations 16
3 Genesis of Quantum Theory From Sublime Revelations 23
4 Mystic Cores of The Himalyas That Witnessed The Genesis of Spiritual Science 30
5 Carl Jung Found Ultimate Light of Knowledge In The Teaching of Maharshi Ramana 37
6 Gayatri Mahamantra - The Origin of Scientific Spirituality 44
7 Yogayashala - The Laboratory of Rishis 50
8 Vishwamitra's Super-Experiement of Savitri 55
9 The Exponent of Law of Karma Rishi Vishwavara 60
10 A Rishi Unique Apporach to Worship: Research For Social Welfare 65
11 Experience And Expression of Conscious Forms of Energy 73
12 Scientific Experiments of Lord Buddha Continued All His Life 78
13 The Wonderful Syadwad of Lord Mahavir 83
14 Yoga Instills Self Discipline 89
15 Science of Tantra - The Investigation of Energy Streams That Flow In The Microcosm As Well As In Macrocosm 95
16 The Time And Place of A Person's Birth Are Very Significat 101
17 Ayurveda - The Sciecne of Life 106
18 Socrates - The Worshipper of The Life-Deity In The Laboratory of Life 111
19 This Fusion Is Based On The Quest For Truth 116
20 Let Science Be Filled With Creative Empathy 121
21 Modern Physics Found Its Direction From Vedanta 125
22 Vivekanand: The Seer Scientist of Integrative Spirituality 131
23 Transformation of Consciousness - The Only Way to Get Divinized 136
24 How Would The Practical Application of Scientific Spirituality Trasform Humman Life? 141
25 The Education Should Lead to Holistic Development 146
26 When Scientists Would Become Spiritual 151
27 All-Encompassing Research Is Worship 156
28 Role of Spirituality In Improving Management 161
29 Scientific Spirituality: Twenty First Century's Philosophy And Science 167
30 Journey From Brahmavarchas to Devsansktiti Vishwavidyalaya 174
31 Lighting The Lamps of Scientific Spirituality 178

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