Planets and Destiny-A Book on Astrology

Planets and Destiny-A Book on Astrology

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Item Code: UAO206
Author: S. S. Chatterjee
Language: English
Edition: 2017
Pages: 592
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Book Description

About The Book

T here is a dictum that an exalted planet in retrogression motion behaves like a debilitated planet. This is not true when it is aspected by a benefic planet, natural benefic or yogakaraka. Role of retrograde planets, debilitated planets, Vipereeth Rajyoga forming planets, detrimented planets, combust planets have been discussed in detail in 31 chapters. Author has discussed in detail how a planet becomes too much malefic. Only good yogas and Rajayogas shape the human destiny in a nice manner. Dhan Yoga and Raja Yogas advocated by Sage Parsar is indeed praiseworthy. Planets in their own sign, in exaltation, in trines/quardrants help the man to pile up money beyond 100 crores of rupees. Strong 8th lord and strong Saturn is a must for becoming a very wealthy man. When Sun and Moon are aspected by divine Jupiter one enjoys good name and lives long. When Saturn aspects them he dies early. Ups and downs in life have been discussed with 300 practical birth charts. The author has provided authentic and wonderful reading materials for the advanced astrologers.

About the Author

Dr. S.S. Chatterjee, now 73 is a noted authority on vedic Astrology and is a proflic writer in predictive astrology. This is his 17th book, out of which four books are in Bengali medium. His books and as well as write ups are not only authentic but also provide thought provoking clues for the judgement of practical horoscope. His books are store house of information or simply a Knowledge bank.


Amazingly, it is the astrology which can easily identify the radiant and glory days of any native. Vishma Pitamaha of Mahabharta suffered the pain from the arrows due to his past karmas. Likewise Atma's acts have to be repaid in this evolutionary process of the Atma. That is why Jeevatma is taken from the fifth house, Paramatam from the 9th house, and Atma from Lagna. Every Kona comes and falls into Dharma Konas. It is like an ocean, where all rivers come, mingle and lose their identity. To regain their identity then have to take Akaash path.

One has to start from the fifth house in order to determine its connection with Past Janma. If a person's Fifth house has connetion with his Lagna, Lagna lord, the Moon, the Moon's lord or balance dasa lord or balance anterdasa lord, then he has connection with past Janma. If he has connection with past Janma, then his life gets direct upliftment in this life. Natural luck flows to him. He has got the ability to make use of credit balance from his Poorva Janma. Such a native need not work hard to achieve success. They are naturally lucky. Akal Mrityu can not even come, though they have their share of ups and downs in life, but their life will not be curtailed due to some ailment or disease or some mis happenings.

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