The Platinum Petals (An Old and Rare Book)

The Platinum Petals (An Old and Rare Book)

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Item Code: AZE125
Author: R. Chandra Prakash and S. Gopal
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 1994
Pages: 202
Weight 180 kg

Book Description

Generally the history of any land is believed to be the acorant of the kings and in a few cases, of queens who mied ever it. But normally is in their political achievements that are prominently narrated. Religion, arta, social life and other matters relating to that country find caly a brief mestion since they being mostly the achievements of mendolk men, saints and gifted men of letters and their works, the beautiful temples, basada ene bailt, sculptural and other arts encouraged or created by the mecaechs and others mostly form the subject-marter. The position of women is often ignored or disposed off in a few pages. It is a matter of great regret that half of the population has been so ingenitently ignored or forgotten by the other half. Only a passing mention is made about the position occupied by the former, bas often this noglic is given up in any serious historical chronicle of any country. Karnataka is no exception in this regard.

It is true that a study of the ruling dynasties of any country is necessary to divide its history into diferens convenient and important stages Such a study forms the skeletal framework for the writing of history. For example, in the history of Karnataka the Kadamba, the Ganga, the Chilukya, the Rashtrakata, the Hoysala and other prominent stages can be traced The historical accounts about the important rolling dynastics of Karnataka can be gleased from the history books on India. More details can be obtained in the history works on South India Special mention may be made of the histories on Karnataka written by Dr. Fleet, Rice, Colonel Wilks, Hayavadana Rao, Altekar, Moraes, Saletore, Derrett, P. B. Desai, M. V. Krishna Rao, Dr. S. Srikantha Shastri, N. Lakshminarayana Rao and R. S. Panchamsthi. All these works based on epigraphical studies mainly deal with the political history of Karnataka and occasionally they throw light on the social conditions of this land. Dr. Karmarkar's 'Cultural History of Karnataka, R. S. Mugali's 'The Heritage of Karnataka, Dr. M. Chidananda Murthy's book in Kannada.

We happy present The Platinum Petals consisting of selected lectures delivered at different occasions during Platinum Jubilee Celebrations of Mysore University. Each lecture is indepth analysis of the area under reference. These lectures cover wide variety of subject ranging from Philosophy, History, Sociology, Economics, Education Science and Technology. The diversity of topics has the overall cohesiveness. On the hand, fundamental concern for betterment of country humanity at large being common theme, these lectures evince synthesis of experiences different intellectual areas. Drew Hinderer's lecture on American Moral Philosophy in Crisis' only provides an example ironical situation highly developed country faces today but also forewarns India the consequences of single-minded emphasis economic bereft moral boundaries moorings.

Lectures by Dr. Karan Singh, Raja Ramanna, C.N.R. Rao, and Dr. Rama Rao were extempore, recorded on magnatic tapes only there were speakers. The transcripts the tapes have been edited and presented However, deliberately retained the nuances extempore of these lectures to provide feel the personalised presentation the subjects the speakers. The editing has been reduced only delete the natural repetitions extempore lectures. Care has also been to overcome the difficulties recording, pronunciation, references etc. case errors have crept despite our scrutiny, we tender apologies the speakers.

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