The Point of Vanishing- A Tale of Truth and Things Imagined

The Point of Vanishing- A Tale of Truth and Things Imagined

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Item Code: AZE922
Author: Rashid Maxwell
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 9789381523322
Pages: 300
Other Details 9.00x6.00 inch
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Book Description

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Victor is escaping from a world of crumbling institutions, power and paranola He faces, one by one, the heartaches and the inner challenges we human beings are called upon to face. He tangles with a tantric lover, faces death in a meeting with his long-dead parents and flounders in the mirages of mind. We travel with him through the sometimes tragic, sometimes comic landscapes of the modern world. In this expansive work, the author interweaves related stories from his own inexplicable life. This is an adventure story that is spiritual, not religious. It is a Journey to self-realization-a journey that we all must make at some time in the cycle of our lives.

Each and everyone's journey is different, yet for all us, one thing is true: the voyage is arduous and exciting beyond all dreams. You are about to take part in what is the most important revolution ever, the ultimate revolution of the Inner. Are you ready?

About the Author
Rashid Maxwell grew up in a post-war England that was frugal, repressive and rebellious. After public school, active military service in the Royal Navy and gap year working his way round North America, he studied at Oxford University and Chelsea College of Art. Thereafter, he lived for nearly twenty years as an artist, art lecturer and art therapist until, following an inner voice, he sold everything and went to live organically with his wife and four children in the remote Welsh Marches.

was there that a close call with death impelled to make life quest. With his family, he travelled to the East and met master Oslo. was at this point that his real life began. For thirteen years lived and worked the master's commune.

Since the master's death, he has lived in many countries, painting, designing landscapes and buildings for sacred use, writing poetry, keeping bees, gardening rural Devon with his beloved Nisheetha and playing with a pandemonium of grandchildren.

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