Postcards from Kathmandu- My Life Among Gods, Kings And Diplomats

Postcards from Kathmandu- My Life Among Gods, Kings And Diplomats

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Item Code: AZG880
Author: Frederick Selby
Publisher: Vajra Publications, Nepal
Language: ENGLISH
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9789938506069
Pages: 248 (Throughout B/w and C olor Illustrations)
Other Details 8.50x5.50 inch
Weight 360 gm

Book Description

About the Author
Shortly after graduation from university Frederick Selby joined a management consulting firm. The year was 1960 and the company was retained by the U.S. Department of State to send a 3-persons team of advisors to Nepal, for a three years period, under the auspices of the U.S. Government. Selby became industry advisor with responsibilities in industrial development. In many aspects he acted in a role similar to that of an economic attaché. Recently married, he brought his wife to the country. A son was born in Kathmandu.

In the early sixties, shortly after his college graduation Selby, along with his newly pregnant bride, Liz, was sent to Nepal by the US State Department as a management consultant. His job was to identify possible industries and export opportunities for the country, but once there, he also became more of a general western ambassador, bridging cultural gaps from both directions. One of the first westerners in the country, Selby helped initiate tourist trekking, aided Tibetan refugees by helping them start their rug and carpet making industry, and produced the first picture postcards of the country. Postcards From Kathmandu provides a charming and endearing portrait of his family's adjustment to their new home, but Selby also delivers an elegant but intimate snapshot of this magical land in a time before Western culture and influence had spread around the globe, as well as thoughts about Nepal's place in the modern world. He has returned to the country many times and notes the changes through the years.

Along the way you meet an eclectic and colorful cast of characters, including Boris, a Russian émigré ballet dancer turned hotelier, the mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary, a somewhat domesticated panda cub, Prince Basundhara, the younger brother of the king, who Selby taught to water-ski, and Father Moran, a motorcycle-riding Jesuit priest. As a diplomat he becomes acquainted with the ambassadors from India, Great Britain, and from the former Soviet Union.

Frederick Selby is a climber and trekker. He writes of his journeys into the Annapurna range, travels to remote Inner Dolpo, and to the Everest region where he learns of life among the Sherpas. He has returned to Nepal nine times and notes the changes leading up to the 21st Century.

With more than 400,000 tourists visiting Nepal last year (roughly 60,000 of them on trekking holidays), the book has a built-in audience. But My Life in Kathmandu has an appeal beyond its obvious market for lovers of Nepal. Selby's experience has many parallels with Harrer's Seven Years in Tibet (though obviously Prince Basundhara is no Dalai Lama!), and with its affection and fondness is in the spirit of Mayle's A Year in Provence or even Travels With Charley in its mix of discovery and celebration. A major influx of tourists is expected since the country recently went through a revolution. The details are described in the manuscript.

Selby is a career investment banker and has served on the boards of several public companies. He is a frequent speaker at various chapters of the American Alpine Club, The Explorers Club and Himalayan groups. His articles and photographs have appeared in travel publications.

Whe hen was asked the reason writing book forty initial stay in Nepal, pondered long motivation for pulling up to reside The period my Nepal, during early 1960's time for Many young college graduates volunteered overseas, poorer countries. The focus was not salaries Subsequently, my relationship with Nepal never ceased.

the past 15 years, visited remote regions country and to knowledge and land Newspaper articles describing the massacre the previous and queen and the insurrection which has taken thousands brought my mind back land which still love dearly. my emotional the country from afar.

now look back, after self-examination, to determine the stay Nepal has brought about changes me. The spent among the people of the hills certainly changed my travel and personal interests. Time was when vacations well resorts were highlights my leisure and vacation days. still enjoy sybaritic pleasures, prefer to away, unexplored places, have become travel priorities.

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