Preconceptional Care in Ayurveda

Preconceptional Care in Ayurveda

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Item Code: IDK008
Author: Dr. V.N.K. Usha
Publisher: Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratishthan
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 8170843520
Pages: 191
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description

About the Book

This book highlights the pre-conceptional care of Ayurvedic basis, a recently developed contemporary where people now believe that the care of foetus should be given to a couple planning a pregnancy well before the time of actual conception. It is developed as an extension of antenatal care to provide optimal health to mother and foetus before completion of organo-genisis.

Even though the human bodies evolve as a routine part of human reproductive physiology, to lead a productive (Hita) and healthy (sukha) life efficient body and mind are required which work as instruments in the hands of inner consciousness. To elevate the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual status of foetus and to promote the multifaceted health status of next generation centuries back Ayurveda fixed some rules and regulations in the form of Purva samyoga vidhi and garbhadhan in the Shareera Sthanas of all the Samhitas which is a little cocussed topic in clinical and academic practices and the concept of includeing the consciusou element 'the Atman' makes Ayurvedic embryology a salient feature, more intricate, more complicated.

Pre-conceptional care discussed care of futre parents before conception in different planet, physical plane, psychological plane, to maintain the state of equilibrium in Doshas, Dhatus (physical entities), Mnao-Gunas which is necessary in promoting the physical traits like Prakriti, Sara, Samhanana, Pramana etc. and the psychological qualities like intelligence (Dhi, Dhriti, Smriti) etc. Care in the plane of consciousness is advocated in the form of sacrifices and oblations to invoke the soul of higher origin.

About the Author

Born on 19-07-1963 in Vijayawada, A.P., the author has completed her graduation from Ananta Lakshmi Government Ayurveda Medical College, Warangal in the year 1985. She worked as faculty member in the government aided Mohta Ayurveda College in Rajasthan and later on finished her post graduation from Government Ayurveda College, Hyderabad in 1993. She is meritorious throughout her career. She served as assistant Professor & P.G. professor in N.K.J. Ayurved Medical College, Bidar from 1993 to 2002 and has joined the S.D.M. College of Ayurveda, Udupi as P.G. Professor since then.

She is a scholarly teacher, research worker, clinician, and compassionate social worker, and also author of the book 'Neurological Concepts in Ayurveda'. She is associated with different universities and National Institutions in Ayurveda as examiner, P.G. examiner and presented papers and chaired many international and national conferences and published many research papers.


'As you sow-so you reap' is a popular proverb in English. The wider meaning of this highlighted in the age old efforts to develop a better progeny.

The present generation has become blind to the treasure of this invaluable knowledge. The efforts of the learned author Dr. V.N.K. Usha in this direction are commendable. Her deep knowledge, infective enthusiasm and commitment are reflected in the text. The book is a treasure of resource to a family counselor. At the same time the narration reaches to the common man as well. I hope the society will be benefited by the book.

I wish more of fluent narration from the author.
Dr. Muralidher Sharm


Reproduction being one of the primary characters of living organism results in the formation of identical, young offspring who constitutes the world of future. The very diseased nature of human sexual relationships everywhere on earth already resulted in children having personal challenges; leading to problems of society and self like intoxication; crime against society; and further forms of self-destruction. By improving the standards of reproduction we can invite a better future in terms of upgrading the physical, psychological constitution of next generation.

In contrast to all contemporary sciences Ayurveda has its special approach towards reproduction by adding 'Soul' component and the concept of elevating the reproductive function from mere biological process to socio-spiritual benefits by adding psychic and spiritual elements is the contribution of Ayurveda.

Pre-conceptional care comprises of treatment methods like purificatory methods associated with diet restriction, abstinence, religious rituals (the will power to have a qualitative issue) to ensure Beeja-shuddhi (to improve the quality of sperm & ovum) Kshetra-shuddhi (to raise the status of endometrial bed), Mano-shuddhi (to develop the pure consciousness) for getting 'Shreyasi Praja' a baby meant for social and self (spiritual) welfare and to cure certain pathological conditions related with successful and healthy pregnancy.

This work suggests the age-old concept to be taught and brought into clinical practice in the interest of future generations for the benefit of society and nation.

1. Introduction 1
2. Garbha Sambhava Samagri & Garbha Bhava 10
3. Ritu-kala (The Fertile Period) 14
4. Kshetra (The Nidus) 24
5. Ambu (Nutrients from Blood) 47
6. Beeja (The Gamates) 58
7. Vata (The Architect of Foetus) 82
8. Satmya (The Homogen) 87
9. Sattva (The Psyche) 92
10. Atma (The Soul in Ayurveda) 102
11. Pancha Mahabhutas (Five Prime Elements) 113
12. Foetal Qualities 121
13. Harsha (Sexual Desire & Orgasm) 130
14. Garbhavakranti (Formation of Embryo) 145
15. Garbhadhanavidhi & Putreshti(Pre-conceptional Care) 157
16. Practical Aspects of Pre-conceptional Care 178
17. Bibliography 188

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